Microsoft Announces Open Source Azure AI Tools: What You Need To Know

The recent announcement from Microsoft about new open-source Azure AI tools represents a significant development in the world of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. These new tools can greatly enhance the capabilities of developers and businesses working with AI, providing them with powerful new tools for data analysis, machine learning, and more.

Microsoft has announced a selection of tools for Azure AI to facilitate the development of more intelligent applications and make them accessible to everyone. These tools provide an opportunity to fine-tune Artificial Intelligence deployments.

The combination of Azure Machine Learning and Hugging Face was announced in the Spring of 2020, allowing users to customize pre-built models from Hugging Face with the help of Azure ML’s Foundation Models.

Last week saw the addition of two new open-source tools to the Responsible AI Toolbox – the Responsible Mitigations AI Library and the Fairlearn fairness assessment tool. These additions are designed to make it simpler for users to incorporate responsible AI practices into their work.

Azure Cognitive Services has recently introduced new features such as Vision Services and the Florence foundation model. These latest additions allow developers to enhance content accessibility by generating automatic captions and video summaries.

The functions of background elimination and image retrieval can be completely automated. Moreover, users can keep tabs on movements and assess situations in real-time.

Microsoft’s new open-source Azure AI tools are an exciting development for AI and cloud computing. By making these tools available to a wider audience, Microsoft is helping to advance the field of AI and to make it more accessible and useful for businesses and individuals around the world. It will be interesting to see how these new tools are used and how they contribute to the ongoing evolution of AI technology.


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