During AI Hearing, GOP Rep. Mace Delivers Opening Statement Written By AI-Powered Chatgpt

The recent news that a GOP representative, Nancy Mace, used an opening statement for an AI hearing that was written by ChatGPT highlights the growing role that artificial intelligence is playing in our political discourse.

As AI technology evolves and becomes more sophisticated, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses, governments, and individuals to turn to AI for assistance in tasks ranging from data analysis to content creation.

Nancy Mace, a Republican Representative from South Carolina, started a congressional hearing on artificial intelligence on Wednesday by delivering a statement created with the help of ChatGPT.

This AI language model can generate written texts in response to user input.

Mace says:

“Thank you all for being here today, and welcome to this congressional hearing on artificial intelligence,”

“As Chair of this committee, I recognize myself for five minutes to provide an opening statement on this important topic.”

Rep. Mace underscored the need for Congress to consider the quickly developing industry and its potential consequences on society. In addition, she highlighted some of the possible roles the federal government might take to achieve this.

Mace disclosed to the assembly at the close of her almost 5-minute proclamation that the program had composed all she articulated.

Mace went on to say:

“Now, before I yield back, I’d like to note that everything I’ve said in this opening statement—every single word up until this sentence—was not my words, but generated in its entirety by ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence tool.”

“For those who think that the advances in AI won’t impact them, think again.”

As the use of AI in politics and other areas of society continues to grow, it will be important for policymakers, developers, and individuals to work together to ensure that AI is used ethically and responsibly. This includes addressing bias, privacy, and security issues and ensuring that AI-generated content is properly vetted and validated before it is used in public contexts.

While AI-generated content in politics may be a novel development, it also highlights the need for careful consideration and responsible use of AI technology in all areas of society.

Source: Just The News

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