Republicans Boycott Senate Artificial Intelligence Hearing After Dems Halt Jordan Peterson Testimony

On Wednesday, Republican senators refused to participate in an artificial intelligence hearing because Democrats had excluded conservative commentator Jordan Peterson from giving his testimony through a live video stream.

Senator Gary Peters of Michigan, the Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, welcomed Mr. Peterson to testify in person alongside the other witnesses and extended an invitation for him to appear at future hearings held by Democrats. Sen. Ron Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, declared this was unacceptable.

In place of the absent Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mr. Johnson assumed the position of top-ranking Republican on the homeland security committee.

Mr. Johnson says:

“This is an action that is beyond unfortunate and something we will not condone, which is why no Republicans will attend this hearing.”

Mr. Peters declared that the Democrats had assembled the hearing of the artificial intelligence committee during the previous month without consulting their Republican counterparts. He further demanded that Mr. Peterson be subject to the same regulations as every other witness interviewed in advance and later showed up at Capitol Hill.

Mr. Peterson, a Canadian psychologist and writer renowned for his traditionalist views on social and political matters, has sounded the alarm about the grave danger posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), including its inbuilt prejudices and the possibility of being employed to sway public opinion.

Mr. Peters says:

“All we’re asking is, Sen. Johnson, let’s have the same process.”

“And I told you or I told ranking member [Mr. Paul] that your witness, we’re going to have more AI hearings, he’s welcome if you want him to be your witness at a future hearing.”

Mr. Johnson declared he would take up Mr. Peters’ suggestion yet lamented that the Democrats sought to assess his witness. He expressed his hope for Mr. Peterson to be present at a later hearing if he was not offended, then the senator gathered his belongings and got ready to depart the committee chamber.

Mr. Peters continues to say:

“Do the work.”

“This is an important committee, we have always worked on a consensus basis, you and I have worked on a consensus basis.”

Mr. Johnson answers:

“Right, I never blocked any witnesses. Anyway, enough of this, get on with your hearing.”

The hearing was held exclusively by Democrats, and the testimony of a Brown University professor and executives from RAND Corporation and the Center for Democracy and Technology were heard about artificial intelligence.

While the proceedings were taking place, Mr. Peterson posted a snippet of his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Also, he voiced his disapproval of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a tweet.

Mr. Peterson declared that he had something novel to share. He furthermore characterized Mr. Trudeau as having an unrealistic outlook regarding his energy and environmental policies.

“Decentralized international working group aimed at delineating an invitational view of the future.”

The success of AI and other emerging technologies will depend on our ability to work together to harness their potential for the greater good. The recent boycott of a Senate AI hearing highlights our challenges in achieving this goal. Still, it also underscores the importance of continued engagement and collaboration in this critical area.

Source: The Washington Times

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