Web3 AI League Open Beta: Take Your FIFA Skills To The Next Level With AI

In collaboration with digital intelligence frontrunners Altered State Machine, FIFA is developing the world’s first “smart football” web3 AI game to be launched on Android devices (with iOS support coming soon). This project marks a step forward in the future of gaming.

Players now have the opportunity to assemble their dream team with AI League, a FIFA tournament-themed game in which they serve as the coach and owner of an AI squad. Tradable characters allow participants to create their perfect combination of talent while making this milestone game even more enjoyable.

The AI League provides a casual 4-on-4 football game with AI-controlled characters. Players can display their coaching abilities by making decisions at strategic points, making it a fun and stimulating experience.

The AI footballers have individual characteristics that determine their abilities and limits, providing a varied playing experience. The stadiums where the players compete are all located worldwide, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, Yaoundé to Seoul, making this an international event.

The Closed Beta of the game, launched during the FIFA World Cup™ held in Qatar, proved to be a great success. This prediction game had been developing for quite some time before its introduction.

All Android users can now enjoy the Open Beta of FIFA, with iOS support coming soon. This provides football fans with an interactive and unique experience as they take their first step into the metaverse with AI League. FIFA gives them the perfect opportunity to discover this fresh form of entertainment.

Get To Know Altered State Machine: About Us

The Futureverse Company Altered State Machine (ASM) is a pioneer in digital intelligence, striving to bring an exciting new online experience to the masses by connecting AI with metaverse and gaming characters. Football fans have this unique chance to participate in something extraordinary.

The AI League promises a future of football that will be a thrilling experience for fans of the game. With smartphones at hand, prepare yourself to embark on a journey as you discover the innovative ways in which this technology can be used in the sport. Get ready for an exciting and revolutionary gaming experience!

The Web3 AI League Open Beta is an exciting development for FIFA players looking to take their skills to the next level. With AI technology, players can better understand their gameplay and improve their strategies in a supportive and competitive environment. It’s an excellent opportunity for players to challenge themselves and push their limits, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for AI in sports.

Source: NFT Evening

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