Phillies Security: Faster than Because Of AI For Enhancement

Citizens Bank Park has recently changed its security practices – no bag check is needed, and guests don’t have to stop to be individually checked on entering the ballpark. Instead, Phillies fans can pass through the gates without interruption.

On Opening Day, the Phillies are trading out modern methods such as pat-downs and half-hearted wanding, instead reverting to older security techniques– making it much easier to sneak in those Busch Lights tucked into your waistband.

Fans will now experience a quicker entry into the ballpark due to a new fan screen process. Rather than having to stop and open their bags or be individually checked at the entrance gates, they can now walk right through.

The Phillies are partnering with Evolve Technology to enhance safety and accuracy by implementing artificial intelligence for improved threat detection. This cutting-edge technology will provide a faster response rate, allowing more threats to be detected immediately.

It turns out it’s getting even harder! ChatGPT will snitch on your girlfriend for having a Coors Light in her purse. If you try to sneak a nip of Jack into the game, you will be neutralized by RoboCop before you can smell the grass. I need someone to test out these new security measures and report back. Beers start at 16 dollars. In this economy?

While there may be concerns about privacy and data usage, the benefits of this technology cannot be overlooked. The Phillies set an example for other organizations, showing that implementing artificial intelligence can lead to a safer and more secure environment for everyone involved. As this technology continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how it is further integrated into sports and beyond.

Source: Crossing Broad

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