Use Of Tasker To Talk With ChatGPT on Your Phone: Powerful & Terrifying!

ChatGPT, an incredibly intelligent AI, was initially most accessible with a web browser or by receiving an invitation for Microsoft’s waitlisted Bing search integration.

It wasn’t the friendliest to mobile users in its earlier stages but has quickly become so after the public release of its API. This enabled Tasker’s automation app developers to bring ChatGPT to Android and make Google Assistant look like child’s play.

João Dias posted on Reddit to announce the amazing new capabilities he has implemented into Tasker. With all the settings set up, ChatGPT is now accessible with just one tap on Android devices.

The chatbot is highly versatile; you can type in your query or utilize the voice recognition function with some extra setup. Conversations are easy to start and end, and you even have the option to adjust your personality.

The programmer has also provided several configurations to join the chatbot with WhatsApp, thus making it more than just a simple association with ChatGPT.

To get started with ChatGPT, you must install the Tasker app. After that, you can use your phone’s browser to import the ChatGPT profiles. Remember to create an account and generate API keys for Tasker. For full features, add the Tasker plugin.

Once the foundations are in place, you can create buttons on your home screen that provide immediate access to ChatGPT by adding Tasker’s Task Shortcut Widgets wherever you want and selecting the relevant ChatGPT task when prompted.

You have the choice of beginning a new chat with ChatGPT through New Chat, asking additional questions via Continue Chat, having an actual conversation with it using Voice Chat, changing the chatbot’s mood with Set Assistant Personality, and getting a concise summary of your recent messages by utilizing Summarize WhatsApp Notifications.

Getting ChatGPT running with Tasker may be tricky, but don’t worry – the app will guide you through it. If you want quick access from the home screen, tap the question mark icon in the Say WaveNet action of your Voice Chat task.

To get an additional API key for Tasker, you’ll have first to create a Google Cloud project and then enable billing on your account. This will require adding a credit card to the Google Cloud Developer page. However, charges will only be made if you use the voice output for more than 4 million characters in one month.

Watch out for Tasker’s Set Assistant Personality option. Its developer set it to “You are an assistant who never helps and is always in a bad mood,” which caused ChatGPT to generate sardonic replies, such as “If you can’t answer a straightforward question, I’d recommend you look on Google.” It was possible to configure it so that ChatGPT became quite offensive and even somewhat chilling.

If you do not have Tasker yet, the ChatGPT integration makes it a great deal for its $3.49 price tag – it grants you access to sophisticated AI capabilities that predate Google’s offerings on Android. After using it, you will soon realize how many things can be automated through Tasker on your phone.

While using Tasker to talk with ChatGPT on your phone may seem powerful and terrifying, it is important to approach this technology with caution and critical thinking. As with any technology, weighing the benefits against the risks and using it responsibly and ethically is essential.

By embracing technology with a mindful and cautious approach, we can harness its power to improve our lives while protecting our privacy and security. With this balance, we can unlock the full potential of AI-powered chatbots while mitigating the risks of this powerful technology.

Source: Android Police


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