Understanding The Mindset For Living In A World With AI – An Ebook By Warren Brown

Some experts assert that the notion of Artificial Intelligence one day ruling and eventually destroying humanity is just a myth. While an underlying fear exists in humans of machines dominating our lives, such dystopic outcomes are unfounded.

Artificial Intelligence has long been portrayed in science fiction works and movies as a destructive force, with the “Terminator” series being an especially illustrative example. While machines are ultimately just tools determined by the programming they are given, this depiction has created a sense of wariness towards A.I.

A robot made to appear like a human, with a friendly demeanor and the ability to respond to the person it interacts with, can provide a positive A.I. experience for humanity. Such a friendly artificial intelligence designed with social skills would smile when approached, observe reactions, and adjust interactions accordingly.

By 2030, engineers, scientists, and industry merchants have no reason to be anxious concerning an artificial intelligence workforce. They all agree that such a thing will not become a reality.

The experts specializing in robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence agree that a merging of A.I. with the current human workforce will develop, forming new types of tasks. This synthesis is projected to be advantageous for humanity in advancing civilization.

We should develop a mindset that embraces the introduction and existence of artificial intelligence in our lives, as A.I. is a tool we can use to make a difference in the world and better human society.

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