How To Teach Artificial Intelligence Everything You Know

I have been exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence lately by creating original headers for my blog with DALL-E. Recently, I got the experience to try out this AI site, and it has been an interesting journey.

The Haggadah I wrote for our family seder featured an AI piece, written as one page of rhyming couplets, summarizing the Passover story. Additionally, this same AI could be used to either enhance or destroy the standard Disney World experience—depending on one’s perspective.

I comprehend AI’s smartness as little as I understand digital money, the laws of black holes, and why the Chicago White Sox are off to such a deplorable start. To put it differently, not much. Talk about neural networks surpasses my (expired) understanding level.

AI programs gain knowledge by collecting information from various online sources. The Washington Post analyzed these sites to understand better the processes involved in creating AI.

Most contents found pertains to Business, Technology, Science, and Entertainment. These areas are typically what you’d expect to find when surfing the web.

The idea that my personal WordPress blog site is included on the web list for AI brain training surprised me.

My involvements with artificial intelligence are both as a user and creator. I am creating AI’s knowledge of music and wider topics by comparing different Neil Diamond road shows or providing political satire. Recent music and wider topics only person in 20 years to do so,

I am honored and humbled that my musings are aiding in the development of artificial intelligence. Until AI knows all there is to know about me, I will remain steadfast in my endeavor. If it should ever discover enough, then maybe it could compose my obituary – but not until I’m gone!

Teaching AI everything we know is a long-term endeavor that requires interdisciplinary collaboration and ethical considerations. As AI continues to evolve and improve, it will profoundly impact our society and future. Therefore, it is important to approach this field with caution and responsibility while also embracing the exciting possibilities it offers.

Source: Just Like Starting Over

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