TAMIU professor Examining The Potential Flaws Of Artificial Intelligence

Using A.I., an abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence, concerns have been raised in certain areas, while it is also transforming the way we conduct searches and perform work on the internet. In LAREDO, Tx., this technology is no exception.

Last fall, when the artificial intelligence technology known as “ChatGPT” was unveiled, people were astounded by its ability to create unique and believable thoughts that seemed genuinely human.

Since introducing more powerful software, concerns about its potential use for nefarious purposes such as cheating in school have arisen. People worry that this technology could be utilized inappropriately and have detrimental consequences.

Despite being too premature to ascertain, Dr. Arthur D. Soto Vasquez, an assistant professor of communication at TAMIU, believes Chat GPT-like programs may lead to Hallucination.

Dr. Vasquez says:

“Which is, essentially, where it kind of makes up stuff that sounds very convincing. Right? So, if you ask it, ‘write a research project human-computer interaction,’ whatever. It’ll say, ‘according to a study by so-and-so, it says this.’ It’ll sound convincing, but the issue is that that study is made up. Right?

“It’ll kind of make it seem like ‘oh, this is trustworthy,’ but it’s not. So, of course, there’s risk for misinformation, disinformation to be spread by AI, and it looks very convincing, right? That’s an existing issue on the Internet.”

A current discussion is centered on the potential effect of A.I. on employment, with Dr. Vasquez commenting that it could both take away jobs and create new ones. He believes such a transformation might redefine the scope of work.

The ethical implications of A.I. are also of utmost importance. As A.I. continues to become more advanced and integrated into various aspects of our lives, it is essential to consider its impact and whether it aligns with our values and beliefs.

Overall, as we continue to develop and integrate A.I. technology into our lives, we must remain vigilant in identifying and addressing potential flaws to ensure that A.I. serves us best.

Source: https://www.kgns.tv

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