Open AI CEO Visit To Japan Prime Minister: AI Adoption On The Horizon

Matsuno stated on Monday that Japan might contemplate utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot and other artificial intelligence technology if the questions of privacy and cybersecurity can be adequately addressed.

Matsuno, the premier spokesperson for the government, gave a statement shortly before Sam Altman, head of OpenAI, encountered Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Japan. During his visit there, Altman announced that his enterprise is considering establishing a branch in the country.

Altman says:

“We hope to … build something great for Japanese people, make the models better for Japanese language and Japanese culture,”

Matsuno stated during a regular news conference that Japan is conscious of the actions taken by other countries regarding the temporary suspension of ChatGPT, which OpenAI developed – supported by Microsoft Corporation (MSFT.O).

Matsuno stated that Japan would continue to analyze the potential of using AI to lighten the burden on government staff, considering how to handle possible threats like data security breaches.

Last week, OpenAI presented steps to address privacy violation worries to the Italian regulator in response to Italy’s imposition of restrictions on ChatGPT, encouraging other European countries to evaluate similar measures.

Last week, San Francisco-based company posted a blog titled “Our approach to AI safety,” wherein they discussed their plans for creating policies to guard against any genuine risk posed to individuals.

At the meeting held in Tokyo on Monday, Altman, CEO of OpenAI, informed Japan’s Kishida about the advantages of this technology and how to deal with its drawbacks.

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Japan’s focus on AI adoption and expansion is a promising development that has the potential to contribute significantly to the country’s growth and competitiveness. With its rich history of innovation and technological expertise, Japan is well-positioned to lead the way in developing and applying AI, driving progress and innovation in the global community.

Source: Reuters

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