Nellis Air Force Base Tests Advanced AI Program For Combat Training

The 59 Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base in northeast Las Vegas is testing a new AI-powered software program called Crowdbotics. The Air Force is introducing this addition to their combat training, and Channel 13’s Kelsey McFarland got an exclusive look inside Nellis AFB.

The new program, Crowdbotics, is being tested at Nellis Air Force Base in northeast Las Vegas by the 59 Test and Evaluation Squadron. The software is designed to analyze combat training flight data and will be used as a tool in future operations.

Officers state that incorporating Crowdbotics into their combat training will significantly reduce processing time—by up to half— and make flight training sessions safer and more efficient.

Darren Lopez-Leon says:

“We want to provide the warfighter and the instructor with the best data possible so that our pilots perform the techniques in the proper way,”

Pilots previously needed to invest hours scrutinizing videos and assessing the details of their trips; however, this program now cuts that effort in half. By using it, they can quickly and accurately evaluate flight data in much less time.

Darren Lopez-Leon went on to say:

“One thing that [AI] is really good at is taking a repetitive process and performing it at fractions of the time that it would take a human,”

At Air Force bases nationwide, the effect of a new program will be revolutionary for practice combat operations when it is fully implemented. This innovation, currently in its early stages, originates from the squadron and will significantly alter military training.

Lead F-15E Flight Test Engineer Adam Ha believes the software provides a dependable, high standard of instruction that can assist in avoiding frequent human mistakes such as fatigue, tension, and concentration lapses.

Adam says:

“It allows them to get an objective view of what is happening and how they flew and be able to make incremental, sometimes significant changes to how they’re flying to be safer, more effective or more lethal,”

The U.S. Air Force recently signed a contract with Crowdbotics, allowing them to use its software in aircraft and weapons at Nellis Air Force Base. With the successful implementation, the plan is to expand to other bases.

Testing an advanced AI program for combat training at Nellis Air Force Base represents a significant milestone in military technology. It highlights the potential of AI to improve military preparedness and safety and underscores the importance of responsible and ethical use of AI technology in national security. As AI technology evolves, it will be critical to balance the benefits with the potential risks and ensure that it is used to uphold human rights and values.

Source: KTNV 13 Action News Las Vegas

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