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Today, the Company (Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., trading on the OTCPK: AITX) has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc., has achieved a global leadership position in AI-driven security and productivity solutions.

REX, the manufacturing facility in Detroit, Michigan, owned by RAD, has just entered its seventh hundred with RosA™ security robot enclosures exceeding 700! Unprecedented demand for the best-selling product has caused a surge in sales.

Michigan says:

“As ROSA’s sales velocity accelerated last summer, we made the strategic decision to order a large quantity of the device’s enclosure,”

“I’m so glad we did. We’ve since announced three additional solutions that utilize the same ROSA enclosure: RIO™, RIO Mini™ and ROSA-P™. Just like the original ROSA, these new devices are selling well, the REX and the entire Company is gearing up to build and deploy more.”

RAD’s President, Mark Folmer, is a highly-credentialed professional – having achieved both the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and the Forensic Security Institute (FSyI) credentials.

Mark Folmer says:

“It is not unusual for dealers or end-users to request quick delivery of ROSA units,”

“RAD’s clients are increasingly recognizing the capabilities of ROSA in resolving complex security issues while minimizing expenses and reducing the need for human guard deployments. With these ROSA enclosures, we should soon be able to deploy almost any ROSA order in a short period of time.”

RAD announced that production costs of ROSA 3.0 and the upcoming ROSA 4.0 have decreased by half due to bulk enclosure buying and the incorporation of RAD-G’s ‘RADPack Mili controller instead of traditional hardware.

Reinharz says:

“The Company is focused on reducing costs by tightly integrating components developed in-house, enhancing our purchasing prowess, and fortifying our manufacturing capabilities at the REX. Our efforts in this direction have yielded positive outcomes and we are currently making significant progress towards achieving our objectives,”

ROSA is an incredibly convenient solution for security and communications, requiring only power and capable of being set up in 15 minutes. This portable, multi-award-winning system has all the necessary hardware already integrated, making it an ideal RAD product.

RAD’s software suite features a library with notification capabilities and autonomous response options integrated with ROSA’s AI-driven security analytics. This includes human, gun, and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, digital signage responding to stimuli, and audio messaging.

Cellular communication, including live videos, is maximized with the help of ROSA’s two high-resolution cameras and full color, as highlighted in multiple Case Studies by RAD. These helped reduce theft, trespassing, and loitering at multiple car rental locations and construction sites nationwide.

Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD), a subsidiary of AITX, aims to revolutionize the $25 billion US security and guarding services industry through solutions empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). These services will be delivered on a Solutions-as-a-Service business model.

Using the cost-effective model of RAD Solutions, businesses can expect to see savings of 35%-80% compared to traditional manned security guarding and monitoring services. This cutting-edge technology is designed to provide a significant reduction in security costs.

In environments where machines are better suited, RAD’s suite of stationary and mobile robotic solutions cost-effectively replace the need for human personnel. Backed by AI-based analytics and software platforms wholly developed in-house, RAD can provide these considerable savings.

RAD has the potential to reach over 35 Fortune 500 companies and numerous other clients, expecting to bring in more prospects as its current opportunities are realized. The reorder possibility from each Fortune 500 business brings a recurring revenue stream in the future.

AITX’s investment in RAD is proving smart as the subsidiary continues demonstrating its ability to innovate and deliver high-quality robotic solutions. With the growing demand for advanced security technologies, RAD is well-positioned to expand its market share and drive growth for AITX. As such, investors should keep a close eye on this exciting company and its continued progress in robotics.

Source: AITX – Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions

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