Helbiz Incorporates ChatGPT And OpenAI Technology For Advanced AI Writing

Helbiz, an innovative electric scooter company leveraging blockchain and AI technologies to revolutionize urban mobility, has partnered with OpenAI. This collaboration brings ChatGPT neural network technology to their platform, enabling users of the Helbiz app to receive more accurate route suggestions based on their preferences and habits.

Launched in 2015 with an office in New York City, Helbiz provides micro-mobility services with many vehicles, such as e-scooters, e-bicycles, and e-mopeds. Their platform is highly convenient, user-friendly, and well-recognized internationally, having won over 65 licenses.

Helbiz’s fleet management system has been tailored to meet business needs and optimize operations and sustainability. We have added artificial intelligence into the mix, in addition to environmental mapping, making us a leader in revolutionizing today’s business landscape.

Helbiz (NASDAQ: HLBZ), a global leader in electric shared micro-mobility, has adopted innovative technology from OpenAI as an addition to various units within the organization. Such technology involves ChatGPT methods which will impact the company’s operations greatly.

Helbiz is leveraging AI technology to further its footprint in the cutting-edge sector, strategically implementing it to remain current and primarily competitive. Integrating Google’s cloud platform is just one step of many that embrace this strategy, with technological advancements continuing to be a significant focus for them.

OpenAI technology can transform first-contact customer service and operations, offering automated ticket management and a personalized aspect similar to human routines. These advancements promise to revolutionize the traditional methods employed in this arena.

Utilizing the right customer service tools can lead to an overall improvement in service quality, bolster the efficiency of personnel, and enhance consumer satisfaction.

Helbiz is leveraging its advanced ChatGPT language model, a cutting-edge technology developed from diverse web content, to improve customer communication by delivering real-time, accurate, personalized answers. With this capability, users will better understand the conversation dynamics and promptly obtain relevant information.

ChatGPT is a useful technology Helbiz can use in the customer service and relations departments. It allows for more efficient interactions, cutting operational costs and, at the same time, boosting customer satisfaction simply by making authorities more productive.

By utilizing the power of ChatGPT, Helbiz attempts to sift through and accentuate patterns amid any issues, promptly notifying functional units within the corporation (i.e., operations, administration, and software teams) where attention may be needed to deal with potential impediments.

Helbiz is integrating the modern OpenAI technology, ChatGPT, into many of its divisions to bolster customer satisfaction and increase operational effectiveness using advanced technological innovations.

Integrating personalized and human-like communication for handling standard tickets, coupled with the automation of issue detection to facilitate communication and integration into existing operational tools, is meant to improve the initial contact approach. This would increase overall efficiency.

This integration strives to improve customer touchpoints and operations with AI, leading to increased satisfaction and profitability. Employing advanced technologies in various aspects will create imminent transformations in customer experience and total return.

Jonathan Hannestad, says:

“The integration of OpenAI’s technology represents just a first step on the path of more deeply integrating AI across all of our operations and customer touchpoints to increase user satisfaction and margins in a measurable way,”

“With ChatGPT-3 as a deeply integrated AI tool, we are not only able to enhance the overall customer support experience but also empower our front-line workers to access information quickly and resolve tasks, monitor and report on issues, and reduce the number of tasks escalated to tech support. This leads to increased operational efficiency and decreased operational costs, providing our customers with an even better experience, both in terms of customer support and riding and service.”

Helbiz is happy to announce that it has incorporated ChatGPT and OpenAI technology to improve the user experience on its platform. This addition will allow users to communicate with each other more efficiently and ensure they can get the information they need quickly. Helbiz is always looking for ways to improve its platform; this incorporation is just one of its many steps.

Source: businesswire.com


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