Google Creates AI Bot For Making Music – Get The Details Here!

Google, the grandmaster of tech innovation, continues to leave its indelible mark on society by pushing the envelope for what’s possible with artificial intelligence. In a recent milestone achievement, Google has created an AI bot that can create its tunes and symphonies from scratch — seamlessly stitching together sounds and rhythms to result in surprisingly beautiful works of art!

This breakthrough promises to revolutionize the music industry while proving that AI quickly surpasses human capability. Let’s dive deeper into how this captivating technology works and why it matters.

It is unsurprising that AI has permeated every aspect of our digital lives, from essay composition to chats with therapists and creating original art. Therefore, AI would not be surprised to make its way into music creation. Moreover, it is no shock that tech giant Google was the first major player to bring this technology to the forefront.

It is reported that the firm has been developing an AI bot that could create “original” music from both text and sound prompts. This means people could type in particular requests about genres and styles or craft songs based on a hummed or whistled tune. The expected app has been given the name MusicLM inside the company.

A research paper published on Jan. 26 unveiled MusicLM, which is described as a model that can create high-quality music from text descriptions and generate audio at 24 kHz for multiple minutes without any disruption.

The paper explains that songs can be created from richly written captions, such as:

The main soundtrack of an arcade game is characterized by its fast tempo and upbeat atmosphere, featuring a memorable electric guitar riff. Although repetitive, the music is full of surprises like cymbal crashes and drum rolls that make it easy to recall.

Timed text cues, an array of sounds, and artificial intelligence prompts sourced from art galleries can be used to construct the composition of songs. Different sequences of timed text instructions supplement these prompts to develop the structure.

Examples of tunes created by Artificial Intelligence have been uploaded to Google’s Github account, making up the first installment of the 5,500 music-text pair dataset called MusicCaps.

The release of this platform will surely initiate more debates regarding the role of artificial intelligence in stealing intellectual property and violating copyright, coming from many artists and art collections who did not permit their artwork to be used publicly to create AI robots such as these. On the other hand, some are taking advantage of the increase in AI-powered technology.

Unique risks to humans are presented by further AI advancements, with exploited staff being forced to bear the consequences of data gathering and moderation.

Now, Google AI music maker will not be hitting the market shortly. The firm worries about potential cultural programming prejudices, bugs, and copyright infringement that must be settled before public release.

The app isn’t perfect – right now, it only works with a piano, and all of the outputted music sounds like it was composed by an AI bot. But as Google continues to develop this technology, who knows what kinds of musical compositions we can create using AI in the future?

Source: Mashable


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