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Despite his worries about the potential dangers of A.I., Elon Musk seems to be readying himself to launch a business in the same field.

Thursday’s New York Times report stated that three people aware of the talks revealed to Musk and UofT A.I. researcher Jimmy Ba the upcoming launching of a company called X.AI. As many investors and large companies invest funds in creating A.I. solutions for businesses and customers, Musk is actively involved in this endeavor.

The entrepreneur’s acquisition of Twitter last year has brought on board DeepMind’s senior researchers to join forces at Twitter. DeepMind is an A.I. research laboratory owned by Google.

After discontinuing OpenAI’s relationship with Twitter, which generated annual revenue of $2 million through licensing data to build A.I. systems, Elon Musk purportedly decided that the company was not adequately compensating the social media platform. Consequently, he concluded to end their association.

Musk has long been associated with OpenAI. Five years ago, he stepped down from his position on the company’s board of directors he co-founded.

Recently, ChatGPT and other powerful A.I. tools have been growing in popularity. Because of this, hundreds of technology leaders, including the writer of this statement, have signed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on developing A.I. solutions stronger than GPT-4 until the world can consider its effects.

A.I. systems that may have strong impacts should only be built when it can be ensured that the potential effects will be positive while the risks are securely kept within manageable bounds. This assurance should be thoroughly substantiated and grow with the influence such a system could potentially bring.

Musk is looking to launch A.I. projects of his own and has found a suitable figure to spearhead them – Igor Babuschkin. This was confirmed by various news outlets that reported on the recent recruitment of Babuschkin, an experienced researcher who formerly worked at DeepMind and Open A.I.

According to a report from The Information, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is working on an alternative to ChatGPT, which he perceives as being “woke” due to its tendency towards left-leaning responses.

On Wednesday, Musk engaged in a meeting with various members of Congress to explore establishing federal regulations of A.I. Majority Leader Schumer (D-NY) was one of the attendees who announced an extensive regulatory system devised to preserve accuracy, accountability, and openness regarding A.I. animation and discrimination.

They suggest public safety; Bill Gates commented after the meeting that companies must not take shortcuts regarding what affects it. He added that A.I. has a tremendous ability for good and bad, but he believes its power should be used for good.

A.I. systems have been proven to increase worker productivity, despite uncertainty around this new technology and fear of widespread white-collar job losses. Studies suggest that such gains come with the costs of A.I. implementation.

A study examining customer support workers revealed that those utilizing generative A.I. could respond to 14% more chats than their counterparts not using the technology. This finding could be particularly relevant given Amazon’s release of multiple, widely available A.I. solutions just this month.

Using CodeWhisperer, an A.I. computer programming tool, coders have seen a sharp increase in task completion speed by 57% and an increased success rate of 27%. This system provides real-time code suggestions, which elevate the coding experience.

Source: The Daily Wire

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