ChatGPT: AI Video Chat To Enhance Your Communication Experience

Now, a revolutionary feature takes videoconferencing to new heights – the chance to converse with an AI companion. Compared with Apple’s FaceTime and Zoom, which offer Memojis and Avatarify, this innovation allows for even more interactivity.

Animato.Ai has developed an app called Call Annie, enabling a real-time video call with an AI entity as if OpenAI’s advanced technology was a CGI person. Thanks to this innovative technology, such an extraordinary experience is now within reach.

Call Annie, an exclusive feature of iOS 16, can now be enjoyed on macOS 13 devices powered by an M-series processor. Note that to make video calls with Annie, you need an iPhone 12 or a newer model since transforming language into visuals requires the powerful Neural Engine developed by Apple.

Developers have praised Annie’s “face-to-face” feature for its naturalness and practicality. Social media posts presenting the video call product show a strikingly believable interface, thereby boosting the realism of the experience.

Call Annie, possessing robotic attributes and intervals of pauses, showcases a high level of conversation fluency comparable to what ChatGPT provides. After undergoing voice training, she demonstrates the potential for further refinement to achieve an even more human-like vocal mannerism.

The movie “Her,” which features a protagonist forming an emotional relationship with an AI, serves as a reminder of the potential for these AI avatars to become as advanced as Annie. Reddit users recently discussed the possibility of her having access to a memory feature that would help hone her intelligence and level up her interactivity.

With their natural language processing and voice synthesis advances, AI avatars like Annie can transform how we interact with computers. This revolutionary innovation will allow us to engage with realistic AI partners in meaningful conversations and personal experiences.

A world of blurred boundaries between artificial and human intelligence is closer to a reality with the emergence of Call Annie. This AI-driven platform allows for merging machine communication with human interaction. This advancement brings much promise and has opened possibilities for further exploration in this unique field.

As AI technology advances, we expect to see even more innovative solutions leveraging AI’s capabilities to improve our daily lives. With ChatGPT, we are witnessing the power of AI to create more personalized and engaging user experiences.

Source: Wonderful Engineering

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