China’s Baidu To Launch ChatGPT-Style Bot In March

Get ready to see a new era in artificial intelligence software: China’s Baidu plans to launch a ChatGPT-style bot in March, which could revolutionize how people communicate and interact with their devices. ChatGPT technology has been rapidly advancing, most notably with Microsoft’s Xiaoice chatbot system, which can converse naturally and accurately on almost any topic users give. Now, Baidu is getting into the mix with its version that promises to be fully compatible with its search engine ecosystem so that you won’t have to look far for answers to your questions. It’ll be interesting to explore the features the service will bring and whether it can surpass existing AI efforts!

Baidu Inc, a Chinese internet search giant, aims to initiate an AI-powered chatbot called ChatGPT in March 2021, which is highly analogous to the OpenAI model. This information comes from an individual with substantial familiarity with the project.


Technology firm, confidential, standalone application, gradually merge search engine.

The technology firm plans to launch a confidential service as a standalone application and gradually merge it into its search engine.

ChatGPT utilizes an innovative technology developed by using vast amounts of data to generate human-like responses that act like both a search engine and a writer. Its expertise quickly and accurately answers users’ queries while simulating an emerging author’s behavior.

In China, chatbot applications focus more on social interaction than fixed, professional tasks such as computer programming or essay writing. In comparison, ChatGPT performs better concerning these aspects.

Baidu is reportedly considering introducing a new feature in which user queries would yield not merely links but results generated by its chatbot technology.

Baidu Declined To Comment

Microsoft Corp has committed a $1 billion investment in the San Francisco-based OpenAI. According to Reuters, this is something that the company could be looking to increase further. As part of its efforts to challenge Google, which Alphabet Inc. owns, Microsoft has added OpenAI’s image-generation software to its

Baidu, China’s leading tech giant, has made considerable investments in AI innovation and technology developments such as cloud services, chips, and autonomous driving to diversify its sources of income.

At last month’s developer conference, Baidu showcased three AI “creator” projects designed to excel in screenwriting, illustration, editing, and animation. This technology allows the creators to communicate, collaborate and focus on each task simultaneously.


China’s internet search leader Baidu Inc. is set to debut a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence in March, the company announced.

The newly launched service, Xiaoying, offers comparable features to Google’s ChatGPT and Facebook’s M suggestions. It has not yet been confirmed if this bot will be available outside the Chinese market. However, upon its release in China, it will likely prove to be a strong contender in artificial intelligence and language processing technologies as it offers similar capabilities to other giants in the industry, such as Google and Facebook.

With this launch, Baidu becomes the latest tech giant to enter the burgeoning field of AI-powered assistants. Will Xiaoying become your new go-to digital assistant?



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