ChatGPT vs Bard: 8 Features That Make Google’s AI Stand Out

Google has implemented its AI chatbot, Bard, in over 180 countries. This is a response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which has been successful with its cutting-edge natural language processing abilities. With Bard now available worldwide, Google aims to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Google is providing the availability of Bard AI free of cost and has also incorporated several new functions to improve user experience, in contrast to what ChatGPT lacked.

Google Bard is an expansive conversational AI, a chatbot trained to provide comprehensive and informative answers. This language model is also known as a ChatGPT.

Training on massive text data, the model can produce human-like text responses to all questions and prompts. This model demonstrates a high level of sophistication in communicating naturally.

Bard can fulfill several duties, ranging from providing complete, informative answers to questions, devising innovative versions of content in text form, translating languages, aiding in tasks for code production, troubleshooting, and offering clarifications for code snippets.

ChatGPT may do many of the same things that Bard can do, but there are some areas where Google’s Bard surpasses OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Specifically, Bard is superior in capabilities, providing users with greater options and abilities.

Here Are 8 Things That Are Available For free On Bard But Are Missing From ChatGPT

Real-Time Search Results With The Fastest Internet Browsing

Bard enables users to access the latest and most accurate online information as they type their search queries. This allows them to quickly get answers to their questions or create new texts using the most up-to-date information.

Using this feature for research or other purposes can be highly advantageous as it provides access to online information. This facility of acquiring data from the internet can benefit a variety of tasks, making them easier to accomplish.

Voice Recognition Technology For Easy Input & Automation

When your hands are preoccupied, you’re moving around, or simply because you’d rather talk than type, voice input when interacting with Bard can be very convenient. Asking complex questions or dictating long texts is straightforward with voice commands.

Export Text Easily With A Variety Of Formats

Generating text in different formats, including PDF, Word, and HTML, makes it convenient for using or sharing your work with others with Bard. These formats offer an easy way to distribute information, and you can restructure the content without hassle.

Bard can export a PDF report, Word document, and HTML file if needed. For instance, a PDF of Bard’s report, a Word version of the story Bard wrote, or an HTML format of the web page Bard summarised.

Automatically Generate Summaries Of Web Pages With Our Tool

Bard’s web page summarizer is incredibly useful for quickly grasping the main points of lengthy, sophisticated texts – allowing you to stay informed of the latest news and developments.

Developing an effective vaccine requires an in-depth knowledge of the virus it targets and extensive testing and trialing.

A thorough understanding of the targeted virus and rigorous trials and assessments are imperative to create a successful vaccine.

Automated Response System For Multiple Drafts Of Messages

You can use Bard’s drafts to ensure your content is at its finest. This is a great way to get feedback and ensure you receive optimal results.

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Learn To Code Easily With CAN EXPLAIN CODE Tutorials

Using Bard to explain code helps users when learning new programming languages or fixing existing code. With Bard, paste the code you need an explanation for, and it will generate a comprehensive, clearly laid-out analysis.

Using Bard code, you can do various tasks such as writing, testing, and debugging software. You can also ask Bard specific questions about the code – such as what it does, how it works, or why it produces certain outputs.

Unlock The Best Google Searches With The Suggested Searches Tool

Using Google searches can help find extra information related to a certain subject. Bard can assist in this process, providing helpful suggestions that could provide more comprehensive results.

While not eliminating the need for careful research, Bard can provide a useful starting point. By simply typing ‘suggest’ after your query or prompt, Bard will offer a list of related Google searches that can help further your exploration.

Planning The Perfect Vacation

Bard is your perfect travel planning companion, capable of organizing a trip that fits all your needs and desires. Just tell Bard your destination and desired travel dates; it will source the ideal flights, hotels, and activities to ensure you get the most out of your vacation.

You can tell Bard your preferences and budget, and it will create a custom plan just for you. Plus, if you request recommendations on things to do or see in the destination, Bard has covered you.

Using the given keywords, ChatGPT may be able to help with planning; however, its database isn’t current. Thus, Bard will provide more recent places to visit and further information.

These features give Google’s AI a significant advantage over its competitors, making it the preferred language model for many businesses and developers. As technology advances, we can expect to see further improvements to ChatGPT and Bard, but for now, Google’s AI remains at the forefront of natural language processing.

Source: India Today

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