Retired UI Don Talks About The Mega AI Revolution Coming Soon

Professor Mutawakilu Tiamiyu, a retired scientist from the University of Ibadan, has warned about the implications Artificial Intelligence applications may bring. He noted that although these applications offer an exciting experience, they can negatively disrupt existing societies.

To commemorate his 70th birthday and retirement from the institution, he delivered a lecture on Saturday titled.

Professor Mutawakilu Tiamiyu says:

“Odyssey of an economist in information science,”

“The world is now at the threshold of Artificial Intelligence mega-revolution, nature and impact on human societies which no one can currently predict correctly. Robots driven by computer software to perform repetitive tasks are too boring, dangerous or error-prone for humans to do have been in human societies for about a century now, particularly in manufacturing and later in military applications.

Professor Mutawakilu Tiamiyu continues to say:

“Today, AI software applications have progressed very fast to the extent that there is hardly any natural human activities that cannot or have been mimicked and tested to be performed by created machines. Increasingly many are actually now being used in real life activities that affect humans and their environments. Al software are now also being used for big data analytic, and for decision making and actions based on the analytics findings, often bereft of any human real time intermediation in diverse contexts.”

The professor asserted that his works had a hand in forming information science essays, the utilization of information by decision-makers within the public sector, the usage and evaluation of data technology in the public realm, and also creating and developing suitable curriculums for those wishing to pursue an education in information science.

In his speech, the varsity Vice Chancellor, Professor Kayode Adebowale, was worried about how the institution would preserve its hard-earned policy, international reputation, and prestige if competent personnel were to leave.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, expressed the University’s support for Governor Sanwo-Olu’s vision for a greater Lagos in his address delivered by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Administration Prof. Olusola Ayoola. According to him, “Governor.

Prof. Oluwatoyin Ogundipe says:

“As you are retiring, and as a result of our experience in administration at the university in the past few years that you have come on board, our erudite professors are leaving us one by one and we recognise the fact that whatever the university is able to attain in terms of ranking and international recognition cannot be divorced from the efforts of our erudite professors that are leaving us.

The University [administration] hopes for the best during this period of [struggle], considering that the institution is facing many issues that may [impact] its administration.

Ayoola went on to say:

“There was a time we were discussing how we can reclaim all the professors? How can we maintain the policy and international prestige we have made over the years? This year, we are going to be 75 years and you will agree with me that 75 years in an institution is not a joke.

“It is becoming difficult to recruit staff now without the kind of things we used to do in the past when the university did not need any permission from Abuja or elsewhere but it is different these days. We hope that in the next 10 years or more, we will be able to maintain our position among the committees of academics.’’

Professor, Saka Bada says:

“I really don’t have much to say but to rejoice and congratulate Tiamiyu on this great achievement. He remains as he is but he attained the age of three scores even those who came strong as babies and youths, many didn’t make it up to three scores at all.”

Those in authority should always remember the transient nature of power, cautioned Bada. He emphasized that it is important to use this power wisely as it vanishes sooner than expected.

Saka Bada went on to say:

“ Where you are, somebody was there yesterday, so if you are still in service, whatever position you occupy, run the post, don’t let the post run you because if it does it will ruin you.”

Tunde Adegbola adds to say:

“We are gathered here to celebrate a great professor, Tiamiyu. A man whose destiny was appointed to help the world to formalise development of capacity to manage information society in West Africa origins.”

In his welcome address, the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Akintunde Makinde, stated that he and his colleagues had gathered a range of experiences to inform and educate individuals near and far in collaboration with other stakeholders, friends, and families of the guests of honor.

Williams Nwagwu, the Head of the Department of Data and Information Science (formerly Africa Regional Centre for Information Science, UI), and Abdul-Ramon Oloyede were the dignitaries present.

Olatokunbo Aina and Rotimi Oderinde, both retired professors, have been joined by Dean Faculty of Multidisciplinary Studies Olawale Albert, Iyabo Mabawonku, Rasheed Aderinoye, Akinbule Lukman, and Yunus Raji among.

While the potential benefits of AI are vast, we must approach its development and deployment with caution and mindfulness. With the right approach, we can harness the power of AI to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges and improve the quality of life for people around the globe.

Source: Punch Newspapers

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