ChatGPT: How Artificial Intelligence Can Create Meaningful Pauses

In France, asking for a break regarding pension reform is an increasingly popular trend, reducing the tension between social and political forces.

The increase in interest rates could be a lifeline for banks in preventing the possibility of yet another financial debacle. Conversely, regarding artificial intelligence (AI), a coalition of around 2000 professionals and industry executives are launching an effort to stifle what they view as reckless advancement.

Despite the sophistication and steep learning curve of ChatGPT, launched in November 2022, its designers have not provided a means to press the “pause” button – an action urged by many due to the threats posed by this technology terms of disinformation and loss of control.

Experts such as Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and Twitter, and technology pioneer Steve Wozniak – one of Apple’s founders – have signed a plea to pause the development of AI systems, citing the danger they pose to society. OpenAI created the document, backed financially by Elon Musk.

Curiosity, clarity, naivety, and interests converge in the warning of influential leaders to the international community about developing increasingly powerful digital systems that no one can reliably understand, predict or control. Therefore, a six-month moratorium is proposed to reflect upon its ethical, social, and political consequences and devise a.


Lucidity in dealing with conversational software is essential; it means recognizing that it is no more than a learning process that utilizes a vast array of statistical correlations found in data. To achieve this, one must recognize such machines’ inability to understand the meaning truly.

From random scientific content, opinions, information, propaganda, and fake news, we can produce texts that appear to be written by humans yet deceive our sense of vigilance. Such texts can form an amalgamation of the elements above.

Olivier Bomsel, director of the Mines Paris-PSL University’s Media Economics chair, has become an influential commentator. He is known for his expertise in the sectors of media and technology.

Olivier Bomsel says:

“With AI, the question ‘who is talking?’ becomes abstract,”

“From the moment we no longer know who is speaking, we no longer know what is being said. The problem is less a matter of technology than a matter of dilution of the editorial protocol in which the sender can no longer be identified.” With AI, references and sources disappear. Facts can be manipulated ad infinitum and the relationship to reality damaged. If the alarm call of the AI experts makes us aware of this danger, it is rather a step in the right direction.

The call for a pause in AI development and deployment is an important step toward ensuring that AI is developed and deployed safely, responsibly, and ethically safely, responsibly, and ethically. By taking a proactive approach to AI development, we can harness the power of this transformative technology while minimizing its potential risks and maximizing its benefits for society.

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