Black Tech Conference Coming To Miami Dade College – Don’t Miss Out!

At the end of this week, an event highlighting technology and creativity will take place at Miami Dade College’s North Campus, with black technologists in attendance.

The Black Innovation, Technology, and Entertainment Conference is returning for its second year, focusing on Web3, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrency, and their potential to benefit Black and brown communities. The event will be held over two days on Thursday and Friday.

Last year, Temanté Leary co-launched a one-of-a-kind conference at Florida Memorial University’s campus. Leary is a Microsoft content developer.

Temanté Leary says;

“When it comes to having access, exposure and education around Web3 and emerging technologies that we’re trying to educate attendees about at BITE-CON, there’s a lack of general access and education for Black and brown communities,”

At Miami Dade College, Leary regards the high concentration of Black students as a major factor in making the college an ideal setting for his event. He believes that tech education is essential to providing African American community members with access to various opportunities.

Jean, the Black Meta Agency’s creator, joined to begin the Black creativity gathering. His organization assists African-American experts in making the transition from Web2 to Web3 – the third iteration of the Web.

Temanté Leary went on to say:

“When we talk about the advancement of minorities in this space, … we have to address the workforce issue and engagement of the community,”

Leary has high expectations that the conversations and connections made at this year’s Black Innovation conference will pave the way for more comprehensive programming throughout April when Miami Tech Month is taking place.

He emphasized the need for African Americans to gain knowledge of tools such as Web3 and AI so that their labor is more profitable and they don’t get excluded from the city’s rapidly advancing technological industry.

At the conference, a Microsoft trainer will host workshops on ChatGPT, a widely used AI application, over both days. This guides participants in learning how to use the app to increase productivity.

Leary continues to say:

“We’re at a point where we’re seeing advanced technologies like AI, you can use this to empower your work and work more efficiently or it’s going to replace you and potentially take your job,”

“It’s important for people to realize the point we’re at and not be replaced. You want to learn how to use this stuff so you’re irreplaceable.”

Leary has a legal background and often advises students and young people who want to switch to the tech sector. Despite not having worked in technology himself, Leary can show others how they can take their existing abilities and apply them in this new field.

Leary adds to say:

“If you like to talk, there’s a room for you in sales,”

“When I say that I work with people at Microsoft that get six-figure bonuses, their jaws drop. All the stuff I talk about is non-technical, but I also say it helps to learn Python. I got in through education.”

The Black tech conference at Miami Dade College promises to be an exciting and impactful event, bringing together a diverse group of professionals and enthusiasts to discuss, learn, and celebrate Black excellence in the tech industry. With its focus on inclusivity, representation, and knowledge-sharing, the conference has the potential to foster meaningful connections, spark new ideas, and contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem.

Source: Miami Herald

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