AI Benefits & Concerns: What Bay Area Companies Experts Weigh In

Italy has announced a temporary ban on Open AI’s latest version of Chat GPT, raising questions about the benefits and concerns of artificial intelligence. Bay Area-based experts provide insights into these topics.

Open AI, a San Francisco-based company, has been informed that Italy has decided to stop using the recent version of its Chat GPT feature due to privacy worries. San Jose, California, is where Open AI is based.

This comes after thousands of experts from around the country shared serious concerns in an open letter about the new form of artificial intelligence. The letter raised a host of issues that cannot be ignored.

Experts in the field are divided on AI’s future; however, Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder of Aisera, is among them.

Muddu Sudhakar says:

“We should embrace it,”

“My kids are using it, your kids are using it. Schools and Universities are going to use it. This is where the U.S. should run ahead, we already have the lead.”

Having attained the newest releases, the AI chatbot can access trillions of data bits to carry out various tasks, such as preparing taxes, developing apps, and applying logical faculties.

Sudhakar is convinced that his customers can gain a lot from this and that his application has the potential to benefit everyone.

Sudhakar went on to say:

“It’s going to lift everybody,”

“It’s going to lift people from poverty. If I’m in I.T. support, customer service, I don’t have to do the mundane or futile tasks, it’s going to create new forms of creativity for people to build applications. It will create new start-ups, new jobs, societies will improve.”

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, expressed his hesitations regarding the enormous power this powerful technology holds when speaking to ABC News.

Sam Altman says:

“People should be happy that we’re a little bit scared of this,”

“You’re a little bit scared? You personally?”

“A little bit, yeah, of course,”

“I think if I said I were not, you should either not trust me or be very unhappy I’m in this job.”

Italy has expressed concerns regarding privacy due to the new version of Chat GPT, as it can pull information without permission. As such, they are temporarily banning it, a fear not only felt by Italy but amongst other countries.

Tech leaders have voiced concerns about AI’s potential economic, social, and mental impacts, which a Goldman Sachs survey estimates will lead to 300 million lost jobs. Companies developing AI must be aware that its implementation carries several risks and proactively address them.

Sam Altman went on to say:

“Powerful digital minds that no one-not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control.”.

Dozens of signatories, including Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Ahmed Banafa, a San Jose State Engineering professor, have come together in an open letter to express their collective stance on the pressing matter.

Banafa says:

“This is just incredible to get to this stage where we’re talking about where we are worried about the AI,”

Banafa, an expert and advocate of AI, asserts that this artificial intelligence is now more advanced than the human mind, which makes it a hazard. He and other specialists in the letter want AI advancement suspended for six months and an independent committee to take charge of its power.

Banafa continues to say:

“We’re not saying don’t do it,”

“We’re saying, slow it down, let’s think about it. Because you’re giving too much power to a machine, or an algorithm that starts picking the data itself. We know about the good part, but we don’t know about the bad part of this wave of AI.”

The discussion around the benefits and concerns of AI will continue to evolve as technology advances and new use cases emerge. It is essential to approach this discussion with an open mind, recognize the potential of AI to create positive change and work together to mitigate its potential negative impacts.

Source: ABC7 San Francisco

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