Adragos Pharma Successfully Completes Transaction Of Lamda – Official Announcement

Adragos is expanding and showing signs of progress, with three locations in Europe and five globally.

– The acquisition bolsters Adragos’ capabilities to provide a comprehensive, integrated pharmaceutical product development service.

Clinigen and all parties involved have agreed to implement additional product development activities.

Adragos Pharma GmbH, a CDMO based in Munich, has finished taking over Lamda Laboratories S.A. in Athens. This move means the organization now owns three sites in Europe and five worldwide.

Adragos has greatly broadened its range of pharmaceutical product development, regulatory affairs, and supply chain management services for international pharmaceutical customers thanks to the acquisition of Lamda Laboratories.

Lamda has earned an outstanding reputation for its reliable contract development organization (CDO) services and is the only development center for Clinigen. Lamda will continue to offer assistance to Clinigen in the future.

Today, the staff at the Athens site, located a mere 15-minute drive from the city’s international airport, attended an official handover ceremony of their facility. This cutting-edge operation has sophisticated equipment and processes capable of managing highly potent pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, it boasts established quality systems and a successful history of providing complex projects to customers on schedule.

Dr. Andreas Raabe is the Chief Executive Officer of Adragos Pharma:

Dr. Andreas Raabe says:

“We are pleased to have carried out this acquisition. Lamda is of great importance to us because it extends our value chain coverage from pure Manufacturing to Development, allowing us to address a new customer group. At the same time, we can offer existing Lamda customers production capacity within the Adragos Group and existing Adragos Manufacturing customers a broader service offering.”

Truist Securities served as Adragos Pharma GmbH’s buy-side advisor in the transaction, though the exact details of the deal have not been made public.

Learn About Adragos – The Future Of A.I. Technology

Adragos Pharma is a CDMO with its headquarters in Munich, Germany, that operates globally. They aim to grow their present production network through purchases in Europe, North America, and Japan in the upcoming years to become a leader in the industry and provide unparalleled customer service and data centricity.

Adragos Pharma, employing a buy-and-build growth strategy, is receiving support from FSN Capital – a premier Northern European private equity firm – and Prange Group, a well-established German family office. The company operates four factories in France, Germany, and Japan; visit for further information.

Learn About Clinigen – The Global Leader In Medicines Access

Clinigen is a worldwide organization specializing in pharmaceutical services, aiming to provide medicines ethically. They aim to ensure every patient gets the proper medication at the most suitable time.

The Group assists pharmaceutical and biotech organizations throughout the medical product lifecycle, from clinical research to commercialization. It has offices in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

Clinigen is a global company with over 1,200 employees in 15 countries across five continents. It offers access to its services in more than 120 nations annually. To learn more about Clinigen, visit

Furthermore, the transaction highlights the growing trend of consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry as companies leverage their resources and expertise to increase efficiency and competitiveness. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see more mergers and acquisitions that will shape the future of healthcare.

Overall, the successful transaction between Adragos Pharma and Lamda Laboratories represents a promising development for the pharmaceutical industry and underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in advancing healthcare.

Source: @PRNewswire

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