Why You Should Stay Away From ChatGPT While It Develops Its Own AI

Apple has cautioned its employees to stay away from OpenAI’s highly popular chatbot ChatGPT since the tech giant is concerned about the risk of exposing confidential company data as the AI’s research and development advances.

Apple recently announced a new internal policy forbidding employees from using the AI code writer ChatGPT and Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot. This information was revealed by The Wall Street Journal, which had managed to access Apple’s internal documents.

Apple is seemingly interested in creating its language model, news that was told to the Wall Street Journal by sources. Many other technology industry leaders share this interest, and this year Apple bought 2 AI-related startups for $250 million.

Gizmodo’s request for comment went unanswered by both Apple and OpenAI regarding the ban. Neither of them received a response.

Apple has recently expressed anxiety over potential data breaches caused by employees using ChatGPT or Copilot. Recently, Samsung alerted that such a scenario had materialized after its internal data was leaked due to ChatGPT usage among staff members.

Earlier this year, Amazon – one of the first big tech companies – banned employees from using ChatGPT after data resembling Amazon code was spotted in the AI’s responses. Despite this, some other companies have embraced the hype around AI.

Akash Nigam, CEO of web3 avatar startup Genies, has decided to invest in their employees’ productivity by investing over two thousand dollars each month for all his staff to access ChatGPT Plus subscriptions.

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Apple’s decision to caution employees against using ChatGPT while building its AI underscores its commitment to privacy, security, and innovation. By creating its own AI system, Apple aims to offer unique experiences to its customers while maintaining full control over the technologies it employs. As Apple ventures into the realm of AI, the tech world eagerly awaits the unveiling of its proprietary solution, expecting nothing short of excellence from a company renowned for its dedication to delivering exceptional user experiences.

Source: Gizmodo

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