Wells Fargo Center Leverages Artificial Intelligence To Improve Services

The Evolv Express, an advanced technology, will enable sports fans and South Philadelphia concertgoers to go through security quickly.

Sports fans and concertgoers in South Philadelphia can now expect to experience a more expedited security process with the introduction of the Evolve Express.

The Wells Fargo Center has joined forces with Evolv Technology to enhance the security process, making it more efficient and quicker.

The Evolv Express, a cutting-edge technology, will enable sports enthusiasts and South Philadelphia concert attendees to quickly breeze through security checks.

Valerie Camillo, President and CEO of Spectacor Sports and Entertainment, says:

“Most fans will be able to simply walk through the Evolv Express screening area without emptying their pockets or opening their bags, making the security process safer, easier, and faster than ever before,”

Officials say the powerful sensor by Evolv Express can distinguish between threats and everyday items.

The Wells Fargo Center recently allowed bags bigger than 4.5 by 6.5 inches and smaller than 14 by 14 inches for Flyers and 76ers games, but the bags still had to undergo x-ray screening. However, it is hoped that this process will no longer be necessary for the future due to artificial intelligence technology.

AI technology is being utilized at Citizens Bank Park for Philadelphia Phillie’s ballgames.

Implementing a new AI security screening system at Wells Fargo Center represents a significant step forward in utilizing advanced technologies to enhance security measures in public spaces. The adoption of AI in security screening offers numerous benefits in accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness and can potentially revolutionize security practices in various industries. As AI continues to evolve, we expect to see more innovative applications in the security realm, contributing to safer and more secure environments.

Source: 6abc Philadelphia

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