WebWhiz: AI Prompt Writer


WebWhiz is an intuitive ai prompt writer that enables users to easily craft a custom chatbot with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, allowing customers to ask questions and receive accurate answers on their website. This powerful tool provides the necessary tools for users to quickly create a sophisticated chatbot conversational system that can understand natural language and respond accordingly. The AI-powered chatbot can be tailored to fit any business’ needs, helping them provide better customer service while streamlining processes and reducing operational costs.

Setting up the chatbot is straightforward, taking only a few minutes of your time with no programming or coding needed. Furthermore, WebWhiz can be trained based on the user’s website data for improved accuracy. For added convenience, options are available to customize its appearance according to the website’s theme and allow you to fine-tune it from the project dashboard.

Pricing is offered for free, open-source versions and cloud-based solutions, which require payment. The free, open-source version allows users to access the basic features of the software at no cost. At the same time, subscription fees must be paid to take advantage of the additional benefits provided by cloud-based versions. These include various advanced features and capabilities as well as enhanced security measures. 

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