Viral Curation

Viral Curation

Viral Curation is a powerful software solution designed to help businesses maximize their organic reach on Facebook and Google. This AI-powered tool can curate content from various sources and tailor it to your exact specifications, saving you time and ensuring quality results every time. By utilizing this advanced technology, businesses can benefit from higher engagement rates, increased visibility, and improved brand recognition.

This platform provides an automated approach to content marketing by locating high-impact, attention-grabbing, and timely content from around the web and carefully selecting it for publication on popular social media networks and blog sites. Through this process of finding, curating, and disseminating viral content, the platform can help increase online visibility for its customers.

In addition to offering advanced filters, impressive photo features, and a comprehensive built-in editor, this platform also provides content management services, integration options with other applications, and much more.

The software is available in two payment plans; a subscription-based model and an annual fee structure. Subscription payments are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis, while the yearly payment plan requires users to pay the full amount upfront for the entire year of service. Both options offer convenient access to all of the features included with the software package.

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