University Of Cambridge To Let Students Use ChatGPT

Students at Cambridge University can utilize ChatGPT as long as it is not applied to create work for either exams or coursework.

The AI software has tremendous potential to generate distinct essays by assimilating information from billions of words and can act like a human when communicating and using language.

The university has clarified that technology usage is not strictly forbidden. However, students must still ensure they are the creators of their work to prevent possible repercussions for academic misconduct.

Students at Oxford University are prohibited from incorporating ChatGPT or any other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools into their assessed coursework.

Spokesman says:

“Emerging AI technology offers all sorts of possibilities, while inevitably also presenting short-term challenges in adapting to the rapid emergence of a new and evolving technology.”

Edinburgh University has also taken action, declaring that any student who uses the tool for writing material that will be graded will be violating misconduct rules.

York University stated that, at present, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology for students would be considered a form of academic misconduct. However, it may only sometimes be the case in the future.

The spokesman went on to say:

“University learning experiences more rewarding and relevant.”

Different Russell Group universities have varied attitudes toward technology.

The University of Cambridge’s decision to allow students to use ChatGPT is a significant step forward in embracing technological advancements in education. AI-powered language models such as ChatGPT can potentially enhance students’ learning experiences by providing personalized and immediate support.

Source: The Telegraph

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