Take Action – Help Regulate Artificial Intelligence Now With 38 Degrees

Devote energy and resources to establish laws regarding artificial intelligence instead of allowing the tech sector to self-regulate.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently been making great strides and garnering much attention. However, these advancements come with certain risks; AI algorithms have proven discriminatory and unreliable in the past, and they could lead to a drastic rise in unemployment rates.

Thousands of tech experts have implored for a stoppage in the development process.

We mustn’t squander our resources by controlling AI in the same manner as our gambling legislation. Since it was revised in 2005, present-day gambling methods are vastly different from what they used to be.

Owing to those who have fought for it, the government is modifying the Gambling Act to conform to the digital age. Consequently, there should be no difficulty in formulating new regulations that ensure artificial intelligence is properly applied.

The call to regulate Artificial Intelligence now is a strong call to action. Responsible and ethical AI regulation can mitigate the risks associated with AI technology and maximize its potential benefits. Policymakers and stakeholders must establish robust and comprehensive regulations that promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI development and deployment. By regulating AI now, we can shape the future of AI in a way that aligns with our values, safeguards our rights, and ensures a better and more inclusive future for all.

Source: you.38degrees.org.uk

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