Taiwan’s Government Announces Official Opening Of AI Center

The Taiwan AICoE tasked with enhancing the nation’s AI technology was launched today (March 28). However, before this occasion, individuals were asked to accept the privacy policy to utilize the text-to-speech service.

At the launch ceremony in Taipei, Minister Wu Tsung-tsong of the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) remarked that Taiwan’s AI industry had grown significantly since 2017 – the government’s “year zero” for AI applications – and that they are now an integral part of daily life.

Wu mentioned that with the emergence of U.S.-made ChatGPT, both China and Japan were taken aback as this presented them with questions related to ethics, law, and human rights, that come along with AI’s application.

The NSTC is working hard to ensure Taiwan meets global AI initiatives by formulating ethical and general principles for the use of AI. According to Wu, this effort is being made in intergovernmental collaboration, allowing Taiwan to gain greater international influence in AI governance.

The NSTC-run National AI Center of Excellence hopes to provide an efficient platform for various government agencies to formulate AI application regulations and collaborate on international projects. It also aims to bring together stakeholders from academia, industry, relevant government agencies, and the broader AI community.

Tsai Zse-hong (蔡志宏), Head of the Taiwan AICoE, announced their intention to establish international collaborations for enhancing core AI technologies.

By engaging with top international AI institutions and reputable “human-centered” AI organizations, we will create an AI talent pool in the Asia-Pacific region and establish trustworthy Artificial Intelligence alliances with other countries with similar visions.

Tsai mentioned that the Taiwan AICoE is the one point of contact for foreign ventures in Taiwan and is responsible for supervising local AI operations. She also stated that they are involved in conversations with worldwide entities regarding ongoing projects.

Tsai announced that the NSTC, steered by Wu, is on track to perform well with their goal of introducing Taiwanese ChatGPT for public use before the end of the year by forming a group to collect relevant data for Taiwan’s environment and then run tests.

He stated that phased expansions had been planned for the AI-powered Taiwania 2 supercomputer, developed by the National Applied Research Laboratories, to make way for the development of Taiwanese ChatGPT.

The focus will be testing the 2,000+ GPUs for computing power and datasets. These GPUs should have enough capacity to take care of the tests.

As the world continues to witness rapid technological advancements, Taiwan’s efforts to keep up with the pace and stay ahead of the curve through initiatives such as the AI Center of Excellence are commendable. It is an exciting time for AI development in Taiwan, and the possibilities for innovation and progress are endless.

Source: Focus Taiwan – CNA English News

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