Swiss Airline Boarding Trial To Count Passengers With AI Technology

Swiss, a carrier of the Lufthansa Group, seeks to employ AI technology for conducting passenger counts at the time of boarding – an experiment to be conducted for the first time.

The airline will utilize camera systems for digitizing the count of certain flights operated from April to June. This technology will be used to record embarkation.

The aim of a three-month trial, created with an external partner, by Swiss Airlines is to reduce the workload of their cabin crew and bolster security levels. Specifically, the project will attempt to teach an artificial intelligence application from data gathered during boarding.

The carrier says:

“It must be able, for instance, to distinguish whether a passenger is carrying an infant in their arms, and must also function faultlessly even in challenging lighting conditions,”

“Results will be constantly analysed throughout the trial phase to steadily improve the artificial intelligence’s reliability.”

During the trial, the cabin crew will conduct a manual passenger count to ensure the accuracy of the results.

The carrier went on to say:

“Passengers on the flights concerned will be informed of the trial before they embark,”

The airline company has highlighted that full data protection is a priority, with all steps taken to comply with Swiss security laws. The video images captured will not include audio or identify passengers. Following the processing of the images, the information will then be deleted.

Once it completes analyzing the trial results, the Swiss will determine if additional measures are necessary, including introducing the system if deemed suitable.

The recent trial conducted by Swiss International Air Lines, which utilized an AI-powered camera system to count passengers accurately, demonstrated the potential benefits of this technology. By automating the counting process, airlines can free up staff resources to focus on other tasks and ensure a smoother boarding experience for passengers. However, further research and development are needed to optimize the technology and address potential privacy concerns. Overall, the use of AI in passenger counting has the potential to revolutionize the airline industry and enhance the travel experience for all.

Source: Flight Global

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