RAND President Testifying On AI & National Security: Key Points to Know

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances, it has become an increasingly important area of focus for national security. This is why the President of RAND Corporation, Michael Rich, will testify before the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Intelligence and Emerging Threats and Capabilities on AI and national security.

On Wednesday, March 8th, Jason Matheny, President and CEO of RAND Corporation, will present his testimony to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs concerning the potential dangers and opportunities that artificial intelligence may provide.

Overview Of Matheny’s Testimony

Matheny’s testimony will provide an insight into the impact of AI on national security and U.S. economic performance, specifically its capability to revolutionize significant industries like medicine, manufacturing, and energy while raising serious safety worries that America is not ready to tackle.

He will likewise talk about China’s aspiration to become the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovator by 2030 and how China and Russia’s militarization of AI technologies could heighten national security issues.

Matheny will emphasize certain steps that national security organizations could take to address AI dangers, such as tapping into the expertise of the private sector, collaborating with industry stakeholders and partners, constructing a regulatory system for AI, and increasing investments in biosecurity and defense.

The use of AI in national security is a complex and rapidly evolving field that requires ongoing attention and scrutiny. The testimony of experts like Michael Rich is essential in raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities associated with this technology. By carefully balancing the benefits and risks of AI in national security, we can ensure that this technology is used to protect our nation while upholding our core values and principles.

Source: @RANDCorporation

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