Qlip is an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered video highlights generator that enables content creators to convert long-form videos into shorter, more shareable snippets for social media platforms. This innovative tool allows users to quickly and easily create engaging clips from lengthy videos to help them reach a wider audience with their content. Qlip’s AI technology scans the footage, identifies key moments, and automatically creates clickable video highlights that draw attention and make the content easier to digest.

The groundbreaking technology of this platform incorporates a machine learning model that is capable of automatically suggesting the most remarkable moments, providing users with an easily accessible templated video generator and multiple options to share clips on popular social media networks, embed them on webpages or even link them via email messages or SMS.

Qlip offers a range of plans that provide users with different amounts of storage space and upload time. The initial hour of upload is complimentary, allowing individuals to avail themselves of the platform without cost. Furthermore, Qlip provides additional services such as technical support and access to secure cloud-based technology. With their wide selection of options, customers can select the plan best suited to their needs and budget.

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