President Joe Biden Warns Of Potential Risks Of AI | US News Update

Joe Biden has highlighted the potential negative repercussions of artificial intelligence, noting that while AI could present a danger to society, its eventual effects remain yet to be ascertained.

At the meeting with science and technology advisors, Biden highlighted the need to guarantee tech products’ reliability before making them available to the public. He underlined how critical it is to ensure these tech products are safe.

Joe Biden’s Perspective On Societal, Economic, And Environmental Issues

Biden has alerted tech companies to their obligation to provide a safe environment for Artificial Intelligence (AI) products as possible threats to economic and national security and society at large, supporting the idea of developers formulating measures to mitigate future risks associated with AI.

The president warned of potential mental health issues for younger generations due to the use of AI and called for protective measures to be taken; however, at the same time, he acknowledged its possibilities concerning global challenges like climate change and infection control.

The increasing popularity of AI has made regulating it a matter of prime importance. Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak have both called for pausing its development until strict security protocols can be implemented. Biden echoed their remarks, emphasizing the need to focus on regulating artificial intelligence.

Expressing their alarm about the potential risks to society and humanity that GPT-4, the latest version of AI chatbot ChatGPT, could bring, tech leaders recently issued an open letter warning of the profound effects this could have.

Human-Level Performance Claims: Achieving Excellence In Any Task

OpenAI, the California-based creator of GPT-4, boldly states that the system can achieve a level of efficiency on par with a human in several tasks, such as passing the bar examination with a high score in the top 10 percent range.

Italy recently made history by becoming the first Western nation to prohibit ChatGPT after determining there was no lawful justification for its extensive compilation of data. Legislative representatives from the European Union are front-and-center in devising rules to govern AI usage spanning all 27 member nations.

President Joe Biden’s warning about the potential risks of AI is a timely reminder of the need for responsible development and deployment of this transformative technology. While AI has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, including healthcare, transportation, and communication, it also poses significant challenges in terms of privacy, bias, and job displacement.

As the United States and other nations continue to invest in AI research and development, policymakers and industry leaders must work together to ensure that AI benefits society rather than exacerbate existing inequalities or threaten individual freedoms. By taking a proactive approach to AI governance, we can ensure that this powerful technology is used to enhance human well-being and advance the common good.

Source: Tech Talk

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