Parsio is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled document parser created to automate extracting data from PDFs, emails, and other types of documents. It utilizes technology to simplify manually inputting information from various sources into applications or databases. Parsio aims to provide businesses with a cost-effective solution that can quickly and accurately capture all relevant information from documents to streamline their operations.

This powerful tool features a PDF parser and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can be used to extract data from documents; an email parser which helps to parse out relevant information from emails; and a Gmail signature parser which can help you extract details like name, contact number, and job title. It also seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets, Slack, Airtable, Trello, Dropbox, Zapier, Make Pabbly Connect, KonnectzIT, and Integrately for automated data processing.

Parsio is an invaluable business asset, providing a streamlined solution for automating manual data entry tasks. This saves valuable time and increases efficiency, and minimizes costs by eliminating the need to pay for resources dedicated to labor-intensive processes. In addition, Parsio’s automated platform helps streamline workflows and enhance accuracy while freeing up employees’ time so they can focus on more important business activities.

Approximately one percent of the subscription fees charged to customers are allocated towards offsetting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This money helps fund projects focused on reducing emissions and improving air quality. Investing in these efforts can help combat climate change and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

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