The palette is an AI-driven colorization service that enables users to effortlessly and quickly turn black and white photographs into vivid, lifelike colored images. With this innovative technology, you can quickly bring your old photos back to life with just a few clicks. The process is incredibly efficient and easy enough for even beginners to use. Palette provides an effortless way of adding color and vibrancy to dull monochrome pictures.

A Palette is a reliable tool experienced colorists have embraced due to its comprehensive features. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate vibrant colors and realistic skin tones with remarkable precision. Furthermore, it offers users simple customization options to fine-tune the results for even greater accuracy. Users can access low-resolution results without any costs using the free version of the software. However, those who would like to download higher-quality colorizations must purchase credits to do so. The purchase of credits is necessary for obtaining high-resolution results.

The service is compatible with the most up-to-date versions of Chrome and Safari browsers, and it allows users to upload images in the form of PNGs and JPEGs that are up to 25 megapixels in size. Furthermore, this service works best on modern web browsers for optimal performance.

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