News Corp Boss Calls On AI Companies To Pay For News | Analysis

The Australian boss of News Corp has made a strong plea for Artificial Intelligence firms to compensate for using news content in training their systems. He cited the success of Australia’s successful negotiations with Meta (Facebook) and Google, resulting in lucrative deals being reached.

Michael Miller, executive chairman of News Corp Australasia, recently expressed his views in an opinion piece published in The Australian on Sunday. He emphasized the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aid journalists before criticizing OpenAI and other AI companies for utilizing news stories generated by journalism while constructing their products.

OpenAI, worth $US30bn ($44bn), has benefited greatly by using others’ content and creativity without paying or recognizing them, culminating in their successful establishment.

Finding a solution that benefits both parties will require cooperation and compromise. It may involve exploring new business models or revenue-sharing agreements that allow AI companies to use news content while compensating news media organizations fairly. It is also important to consider the wider implications of this issue, such as the impact on journalism and democracy. AI and news media industries can thrive and contribute to a more informed and connected society by engaging in constructive dialogue and working toward a mutually beneficial outcome.

Source: Crikey

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