New Suggestions From ChatGPT: President Trump’s Nicknames For Governor DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump, facing growing criticism of “Ron DeSanctimonious” as a poor moniker for Gov. Ron DeSantis and potential Presidential contender, is turning to ChatGPT for help brainstorming other nicknames.

Former President Trump says:

“These are all better than ‘Ron DeSanctimonious – I should have come here sooner!”

Aides were surprisingly given a rare chance to teach former President Trump when he expressed his willingness to hear several of the AI-generated nickname contenders that had been suggested, which included the following:

– Rotten Ron

– DeSaster

– Wrong Way, Ron

– Ron De-Science

– Wee Little Ronny

– DemonSantis

– Ron DeSuckIt

– Neocon Ron

– Three-Finger Puddin’ Ron

– Imitation Don Ron

– Fat Ron

– Ron DeNasty

– Ron DeSatan

– Ron DeLoser

– Ding-Dong Ron

– Ron-tard

– Wrong Choice Ron

– FatFace Ron

– Squattie Ronnie

– Boots McGee

– Low Polls Ronnie

– Ronas Iscariot

– Ron DeSantis

– Ron DeSadsack

– Tiny Hands Ron

– Small Hand Ron

– Wrong Ron Silver

– Short-Tie DeSantis

– Ronald McDonald

– That Guy From Florida

– Three-Fingered Ron

– Sloppy Ron

– No-Spoon Ron

– Sloppy Slob Ron

The former President had reportedly entered his office, immediately turning to TRUTH Social before punctuating the moment with the sound of his caps lock being turned on.

Chinese soldiers are instructed in this video to use incorrect pronouns when encountering American forces. Teaching them how to shout these mixed-up words effectively, this lesson helps the military better prepare for potential conflicts with the United States.

Politicians and their supporters are responsible for elevating the national conversation and fostering a constructive and inclusive political environment. Let us move forward with a commitment to dialogue and collaboration rather than name-calling and divisiveness.

Source: The Babylon Bee

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