MIDI-GPT is a powerful and advanced Fork of the Repl37 system that utilizes GPT-3.5-turbo and few-shot prompting to generate MIDI files from natural language input. This innovative technology allows users to quickly create high-quality music files with minimal effort, providing unprecedented ease of use for musicians and composers. With its capabilities, MIDI-GPT offers an efficient way to create stunningly realistic musical compositions with just a few words.

This applications calculate() function is equipped with the powerful NumPy library to produce detailed results. It can output the mean, variance, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, and sum for each row, column, and element in a 3×3 matrix. This makes it easy to quickly understand the statistics of any given set of numbers within seconds.

This creative project also features a for loop, in which all the numbers from one to one hundred are printed out in sequence, except a single number. The user must input this missing number to break out of the loop successfully and continue with their program. This is an interesting way to challenge someone’s coding skills and get them thinking outside the box!

The titling of MIDI exports has been altered so that the filename for each MIDI file is now based on the track name. When exporting a MIDI file from a project, the default title will be determined by the particular track’s assigned name. Therefore it should make organizing and finding files much easier when dealing with multiple projects simultaneously.

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