Meta CEO Unveils Open Source AI Tools & Features For Instagram Creators

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the launch of open-source AI tools such as a data set for animated drawings and the DINOv2 model, in addition to features designed specifically for creators on Instagram.

Mr. Zuckerberg recently posted a video of his daughter’s hand-drawn characters dancing and swaying against a grassy backdrop, which is intended to help researchers working on an animation with the 180,000 annotated amateur drawings in the data set.

The Meta leader declared that the AI system DINOv2, capable of performing visual tasks such as measuring dimensions of items in pictures, will be made available as open source.

Mr. Zuckerbergsays:

“For example, we used it to map forest canopy height across different continents using satellite imagery. In the future, this could help improve medical imaging, food crop growth, and help make the metaverse more immersive,”

The Meta chief declared an array of novel features directed at Instagram creators, such as simplifying the process of discovering popular audio and tags. Furthermore, a feature enabled contact with fans who had sent presents. Additionally, the gift-giving function will be available in the UK, France, Canada, and other nations.

Meta’s decision to make these AI tools and features available to creators on Instagram is a positive step forward. It will be exciting to see how creators utilize them to create compelling and engaging content for their audiences.

Source: @The_Hindu

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