Make $35K In 3 Months Teaching ChatGPT: Guide To Earning Money Online

In only three months, Lance Junck raked in a staggering $35,000 by marketing and selling his ChatGPT course on Udemy.

ChatGPT Masterclass by JunckJunck has seen phenomenal success, with over 15,000 students enrolling in the seven-hour course.

With confidence, Peter predicts that more people will understand the advantage of taking the course, increasing its popularity.

Workers are embracing OpenAI’s ChatGPT to make their job easier, and one person is making a huge amount of money guiding people on how. He is estimated to be earning tens of thousands of dollars.

Lance Junck, 23, recently launched a Udemy course to help people discover the capabilities of ChatGPT. This online class is designed to teach users the basics of this new technology.

In only three months, Junck’s “ChatGPT Masterclass: A Complete ChatGPT Guide for Beginners” has amassed over 15,000 students worldwide and earned profits of $34,913, according to screenshots of his sales dashboard available to Insider.

When the full-time brand strategist from Austin experienced ChatGPT last November, he was amazed by its abilities. To let everyone use this tool, Junck resolved to create an online course to teach people how to use it.

Junck says:

“There is an incredible learning curve to ChatGPT,”

“I think people are kind of afraid of ChatGPT, so I tried to make it warm and exciting and approachable.”

Junck admitted that his skills have been self-taught, clocking in hours upon hours of practice with the bot. He said he’d done work like writing an introduction to a novel or product descriptions for different foods to test and further comprehend how best to prompt the bot.

He said he appreciates the quality of ChatGPT and makes an effort to read through all their content: from LinkedIn posts to GitHub articles to Reddit discussions.

Enroll Now In The ChatGPT Masterclass – Over 1,000 Successful Students

This course, priced at $20 and lasting more than seven hours, comprises 50 lectures designed for newbies. It took Junck three weeks to shoot the entire course.

Writing your initial prompt is the beginning of the journey with ChatGPT, and this journey will take you through applications specifically tailored to businesses, students, and programmers.

DALL-E 2, an AI image generator, is featured in this article, providing art-making tutorials. It also presents the best ChatGPT plug-ins and introduces GPT-4 from OpenAI, the newest language model.

Junck reported that the course recruited 90 students in the week following its launch. Since then, enrollments have escalated to over 200-250 per day; so far, 15,250 learners have signed up for it as of this composition.

Junck’s course, he informed, has participants ranging from 20 to 50 years of age. Drawn from the US, India, Japan, and Canada, his students consist of university undergraduates and individuals working full-time.

He mentioned that students from places like Venezuela, Russia, and parts of the Middle East – ChatGPT is not available – are streaming toward this course in large numbers.

Junck claims the demand for his course, “ChatGPT,” on Udemy to be attributed to his adeptness in SEO and marketing – making it one of the first results when searched among 1,266. In addition, he also publicized it via LinkedIn.

Learning Outcomes For Students Taking The DEMA Course

Responses to the course, which has a 4.5-star rating on Udemy, have been mostly positive. However, some students have noted that the course is too “surface-level” and no better than free ChatGPT-instruction videos on YouTube.

Despite the recent surge in demand for Junck’s ChatGPT instructions, he has maintained his presence on the Udemy platform and expanded to reach corporate entities.

ClearDesk, a startup, was taught by him how to use ChatGPT for its marketing, HR, and operations. He has helped them successfully implement it in these areas.

ParallelDots founder Ankit Tomar has received paid speaking engagements from companies like Sage Executive Group and HPCwire, in which he demonstrates how they can leverage his ChatGPT platform. This information was confirmed through emails seen by Insider.

Chairman of Sage, Jerry Rollins, provided an insider’s perspective on Junck’s services.

Jerry Rollins says:

“Very informative and insightful.”

HPCwire spokesperson Tom Tabor shared with Insider that the company is highly committed to bringing up-to-date, relevant news about high-performance computing.

Tom Tabor says:

“Lance has a current grasp of the GPT space and the possibilities of the technology.”

“We needed his insights of the tech so we could understand how to integrate it into our business processes,”

Junck, who has no formal AI training, admits that he doubts whether the course would sell.

Junck went on to say:

“Some kid at Cornell getting his PhD in large language models”

“Blow me out of the water.”

Junck is committed to running his business despite having a full-time job, as he believes there will be a greater need for AI courses with the rapid ascent of generative AI tools. He has dedicated himself to this venture to meet the increasing demand for such knowledge.

Junck continues to say:

“I’ve had so much success so quickly, that I just know there’s going to be a ton more work to keep it going,”

Junck stated that his aspirations include providing instruction regarding using other generative AI tools (like Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s Bard) once publicly accessible and negotiating larger business contracts.

However, it is important to note that while this story may seem like an overnight success, it likely took years of hard work and dedication to get to this point. It is also important to acknowledge that not everyone may have the same level of success in this field, as it can be highly competitive and require a specific skill set.

Overall, this story inspires those looking to explore the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning and shows that endless opportunities are waiting to be seized with the right mindset and approach.

Source: Business Insider

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