Limerick professors: Understanding The Potential (Mis)use Of Artificial Intelligence In Schools

Two distinguished scholars from Limerick are spearheading the exploration of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools mean for education, having guided a debate on the topic.

After the success of programs like ChatGPT, which allow students to find answers to their educational questions swiftly, Professor Stephen Kinsella and J.J Collins from the University of Limerick (UL) studied the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology being employed in schools.

On Tuesday, April 18, UL professors discussed the potential benefits and risks of utilizing AI-enabled personalized learning and instant feedback during an online webinar. They explored the possibility of misuse and plagiarism arising from these techniques.

AI technology is characterized by its ability to imitate human problem-solving techniques and decisions. It involves using machines or robots that have been programmed with the capacity for intelligent behavior.

AI tools that are free and available online, such as ChatGPT, have acquired a lot of attention due to their effectiveness in providing instant solutions for various queries. Millions worldwide use these powerful tools to answer general, specific, or long essay-type questions quickly.

Donncha O’Treasaigh, the ETBI Digital Strategy Group Chairperson and Director of Schools in Limerick & Clare Education and Training Board, expressed his thoughts.

Donncha O’Treasaigh says:

“Through this webinar, we are actively engaging with our schools and colleges to raise their awareness about this new technology,”

“The expert knowledge and advice that Professor Stephen Kinsella and our other speakers bring to this important conversation”

At the event, there were over 500 participants from Education and Training Board Ireland (ETBI), including principals, deputy principals, and teachers. Additionally, staff members from the 16 ETBs in Ireland also attended.

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