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Cody is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) virtual employee who can help businesses with various tasks. These include responding to inquiries, executing assignments, inducting new personnel into the organization, offering assistance and technical support, resolving issues, and proposing novel ideas and insights.

The advanced search engine technology scans through the company’s stored data, including articles, PowerPoints, and PDFs, to quickly answer any query within seconds. It can comb through many documents and files to respond comprehensively to any question.

You and your team can train Cody on your company’s policies, procedures, customers, and specialized knowledge. As a result, you can leverage Cody’s ability to quickly understand the particular needs of your business and apply that knowledge to provide efficient support for all your customers.

It can also be trained on specific business processes, enabling teams to troubleshoot complex problems efficiently, generate creative ideas, and rapidly complete tasks. This allows personnel to work more productively and proficiently, thus improving workflow efficiency and accelerating the delivery of results.

It can answer questions and lend its expertise and creativity to help develop new ideas and solutions. Cody is a great asset for troubleshooting issues and offering innovative suggestions during brainstorming sessions.

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