Is AI Pushing An Anti-God Agenda? | SkyWatchTV Investigates

ChatGPT (an artificial intelligence created by OpenAI) has recently been getting much attention as people experiment with its capabilities and observe its responses to various questions, prompts, and requests.

It is often thought that Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides unbiased facts. However, the developers of AI systems have their outlook on the world, and this can be seen in the responses given by AI bots.

Humans are responsible for creating them, and their response will be based on the programming they have been given.

Bryan Osborne of Answers in Genesis recently discussed ChatGPT, a new technology with some major drawbacks, namely, the propagation of an anti-God perspective to its users. As is often the case, there’s no neutrality!

The relationship between AI and religion is complex and nuanced. It is important to approach this topic with openness, respect for diverse viewpoints, and careful consideration of the ethical implications. It is possible to embrace AI’s potential benefits while acknowledging and addressing concerns about its impact on religious beliefs and values. By navigating this intersection thoughtfully, we can harness the power of AI to positively impact society while respecting religious beliefs and promoting ethical and responsible use of technology.

Source: SkyWatchTV

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