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In the late 1970s, Jim Longo cofounded Discuss, with over 25 years of market research experience. His involvement coincided with the Buggles’ release of their song, “Video Killed the Radio Star,” symbolized how technology -especially music videos- would soon revolutionize radio and music consumption.

AI tools are causing a variety of emotions, similar to what came before them. AI is becoming more advanced, and businesses will soon feel its presence in everyday life. Will it take over humans, though?

According to Grandview Research, the worldwide artificial intelligence market is estimated to be worth $136.55 billion in 2022 and is projected to experience a CAGR of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. Consequently, AI’s growth rate rapidly accelerates in the years that follow.


Siri and chatbots have been a large part of our lives for years, helping with schedules via the former and engaging with customers on websites from the latter. Siri can give us a quick read on the weather or set timed reminders, while chatbots can answer users’ queries users.

The software has been developed and implemented for various workplace tasks, ranging from accounting to human resources and beyond. It allows for the automation of processes related to marketing as well as other areas.

With applications like ChatGPT and Midjourney, AI is stirring much attention and has taken the business scene by storm. To capitalize on this new era of technology, businesses, leaders, and individual contributors must get on board – those who are quick to adapt will reap the greatest rewards.

Professional Market Research Solutions

Companies engaging in market research strive to uncover profound insights from target audiences and customers. The two major challenges they face in this pursuit are (1) making research data accessible and democratic and (2) reducing the time spent analyzing data and preparing reports.

Many years ago, democratizing research became an extensively sought-after ambition that notably applies to large, international brands. However, figuring begins with this realization of marketing, brand, and product managers.

Given the typically difficult right data training, AI can provide an instant output when commanded to “write m” a screener” for an”audience exploring potential concepts. This saves time and makes research projects much easier. Similarly, AI could also devise a structured discussion guide for consumer conversations.

Analysts and researchers often deal with much data from different sources at the end of a research project. For instance, the amount of video interview material or pages of open-ended survey answers in a single project could amount to hundreds of hours or hundreds, respectively.

AI can take all of the unstructured data and quickly transform it into useful insights in seconds. Rather than spending weeks poring through and making sense of the information, AI can generate an easily digestible summary report highlighting key findings.

Customer Service With Innovative Solutions

The way to ensure customers receive the best service is by offering rapid and individualized aid. To make more efficient use of resources, numerous businesses now direct their customers to automated services for support.

Customer service recordings with menus directing people to the right department or providing solutions without interaction can seem unpersonal, but in reality, they help boost customer satisfaction. This is because wait times are substantially reduced, and issues can be resolved more quickly.

By automating mundane tasks, customer service agents can shift their focus to more complex customer challenges and guarantee that the customercustomers’re properly addressed. Doing so enables them to devote more time and resources toward resolving those issues.

AI can also bring advantages to customer service via predictive analytics. By drawing from past experiences, these analytical processes allow businesses to gain insights regarding future customer behavior and their evolving needs; this feedback may even prove useful for creating innovative products.

AI allows leaders to enhance key service-oriented themes and give team members more information and support when dealing with customers to solve problems readily and foster loyalty. In a nutshell, AI can be utilized to streamline processes and better support customer service operations.

Professional Software Development Services

The need for skilled IT professionals in the software industry is far greater than the supply, highlighted by IDC, with estimates suggesting that by 2025 a global shortage of full-time developers will amount to over 4 million. To combat this issue, AI presents an effective solution to help save time and resources.

Writing and testing code is a task that requires time and could be challenging and susceptible to errors. AI-driven code generation tools can automate this, quickly identifying and correcting mistakes or performance issues. This saves time for developers allowing them to work on bigger problems that need more attention from humans.

Predictive analytics is advantageous in software development because it recognizes potential issues before they become complex and expensive. AI can forecast potential errors and suggest preventive measures, allowing developers to decrease outages and improve the dependability of their products.

Exploring The Possibilities Of What The Future May Hold

AI technology will continue to evolve and become more efficient with its training; its applications have already demonstrated the ability to learn patterns, improve processes, execute workflow tasks, and make strategic decisions quickly. As such, AI is only projected to improve over time.

The potential impact of AI is far-reaching – from software development to customer service and market research, it can revolutionize many aspects of the business. With these advancements come efficiency gains across the board; AI could streamline processes and create greater time and cost savings for organizations.

Radio stars need not be worried about being replaced by generative AI, for it will only become a tool to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Just like the video did not end the career of radio stars, so too will this new technology not replace humans.

Technology advances can evoke feelings of awe and trepidation. For businesses to remain competitive, they must accept change and adjust their operations by utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

As we continue developing and implementing AI technologies, we must approach them with a thoughtful and nuanced perspective, considering their potential benefits, risks, and drawbacks. This will require a concerted effort from all stakeholders, including researchers, developers, policymakers, and the general public, to ensure that AI is developed and used responsibly and ethically. By working together, we can harness the power of AI to drive positive change and create a more just and equitable society for all.

Source: Forbes

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