How Generative AI Is Shaping Open Culture And The Internet Archive

As AIs become more sophisticated and capable of generating content, there has been growing curiosity about how they can be leveraged to protect better, share, and explain cultural heritage. Although this technology presents many potential advantages, it also raises ethical issues that must be addressed.

At this meeting, representatives from Internet Archive, Creative Commons, and Wikimedia Foundation will discuss how public interest values can influence the creation and use of AI in cultural heritage. They will also look into methods to ensure that AI reflects varied viewpoints, encourages cultural awareness, and complies with ethical principles such as privacy and permission.

Join us for an interesting talk about Artificial Intelligence and its role in preserving cultural heritage. Together, we can strive to build a better tomorrow with equality and responsibility at the forefront. Luis Villa of Tidelift will moderate the conversation, while Lila Bailey from Internet Archive, Jacob Rogers from Wikimedia Foundation, and Kat Walsh of Creative Commons will join as speakers.

The intersection of generative AI and open culture, as the Internet Archive Blogs exemplifies, presents a promising frontier in technology and creativity. It can transform how we create, share, and experience art and culture, democratize access to knowledge, and foster collaboration and inclusivity. By navigating the ethical considerations and promoting responsible and inclusive use of generative AI in the context of open culture, we can harness the power of technology to promote creativity, innovation, and cultural heritage preservation in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Source: Internet Archive Blogs

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