How ChatGPT Spreads Lies And Disinformation Online

Alarmingly, experts warn of the potential for ChatGPT and other chatbots to accelerate the circulation of disinformation, posing a serious threat. Malicious actors can utilize such bots to spread lies faster than ever.

Ekō urges lawmakers to prioritize people over Big Tech profits when regulating AI. With thousands of signatures backing this cause, it could make a huge difference in two days. Please sign the open letter below to support Ekō’s mission and help shape the future of AI regulation.

The letter reads:

Dear MEPs,

Despite the potentially serious consequences AI Chatbots such as ChatGPT present to the security and autonomy of our societies and democracies, tech companies are still rushing to capitalize on this trend. Consequently, disregarding any considerations for safeguarding us from any negative ramifications artificial intelligence may bring.

Elected representatives must prioritize regulating new technology so that people everywhere can benefit. Please stand up and ensure adequate control of this cutting-edge technology.

Parliament should pass an AI bill that puts people first and sets technology up for advancing humankind instead of potentially damaging it. Such a bill must prioritize individuals over profits and ensure that technological innovation works in their favor.

As an AI, I aim to provide helpful and accurate information to assist users in their inquiries and help combat the spread of misinformation online. It is important to be responsible and critical when consuming and sharing information online to ensure we do not contribute to spreading false or harmful content. Instead, let us work together to promote transparency and accuracy in our online interactions and contribute to building a more trustworthy digital world.

Source: Ekō

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