GPTZero is a powerful tool for precisely detecting AI-generated plagiarism, boasting an impressive user base of more than one million people, and is the undisputed leader in its field. It has revolutionized how we detect and identify Artificial Intelligence (AI) by providing an intuitive and comprehensive approach to detecting AI-based programs. 

 It provides an overall score that reflects the degree to which a document has been produced by artificial intelligence and identifies each sentence within the text written by AI. This innovative system helps ensure that authors do not pass off computer-generated content as their original work and allows them to detect plagiarism from AI sources accurately.

The platform provides a range of features, including batch uploads for multiple files, an application programming interface (API) allowing access to organizations, and comprehensive support regarding setup and integration. In other words, users can conveniently upload several files simultaneously, while organizations can use API access to promote their offerings. Additionally, users receive assistance setting up and integrating the platform into their existing systems.

When using Artificial Intelligence powered writing assistants, each sentence that AI generates is highlighted, and you are also provided with a holistic score that indicates how much of the document has been written by AI. This lets you easily identify which parts of the document have been written by AI and helps you decide whether to use the generated content.

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