Google Tests ChatGPT-Like Chatbot ‘Apprentice Bard’ – What To Know

Google is testing a new AI-powered chatbot with its employees, called ‘Apprentice Bard,’ that appears to be quite similar to OpenAI’s natural language processing (NLP) model ChatGPT. The experiment is part of Google’s efforts to increasingly explore the potential uses and applications of NLP technologies like machine learning, natural language understanding, and other advanced techniques.

While it remains unclear what this system might do once deployed in production, early reports suggest that it could offer automated help with mundane tasks such as writing emails, scheduling meetings, or sharing content among Google teams.

Google is experimenting with a range of new AI-driven conversation tools that could shape the future of their product releases. These include a chatbot and potential methods for incorporating it into the search engine.

Alphabet’s cloud unit has launched an urgent project, “Atlas,” in reaction to the major success of ChatGPT. This conversational chatbot was introduced at the end of last year and became widely discussed.

Google is currently testing a chatbot called “Apprentice Bard,” which provides employees with detailed answers to their queries, similar to ChatGPT.

A different firm branch has tested a fresh desktop search interface that could be employed for question-and-answer activities.

Leaders have recently requested more input from their employees regarding their initiatives. CNBC looked into internal documents and consulted sources to gain more knowledge on the current operations.

After a recent all-staff meeting where worries were raised regarding the company’s capability to compete in AI, product tests have been implemented due to the sudden rise in ChatGPT, started by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based startup that is backed by Microsoft.

At the moment, Jeff Dean, Google’s AI head, advised personnel that the corporation is taking action due to the higher “reputational hazard” associated with giving erroneous information.

Jeff Dean says:

“More conservatively than a small startup.”

At the time, CEO Sundar Pichai suggested that Google could release related products to the general public in 2020. Web search is Google’s main business, and they have always been a leader in artificial intelligence (AI).

Become An Apprentice Bard

Apprentice Bard, a chatbot, is one of the test products being used. This chatbot utilizes Google’s LaMDA or Language Model for Dialogue Applications technology for conversations.

Due to the attention ChatGPT has received, LaMDA team members have been instructed to prioritize responding to it above all other current jobs. An internal memo seen by CNBC states that any tasks associated with the response take precedence over anything else and that some employees have been told not to attend certain unrelated meetings.

Employees can enter a query into a dialogue box and receive an automated text reply from Apprentice Bard. CNBC has noticed that this AI-powered program can give answers that reflect recent events, which ChatGPT does not currently do. They can then rate the response they get.

Employees have noticed that the responses from Apprentice Bard, which replaced Meena, an older smart chatbot launched internally but discontinued, have become increasingly more sophisticated in recent weeks.

A tester queried Apprentice Bard to find out if Google would be conducting any more layoffs following their decision to terminate 12,000 jobs, accounting for 6% of the company’s staff.

Google is continuing its quest to build the perfect chatbot. The company’s latest effort, called Apprentice Bard, is a chatbot that can hold conversations about any topic. Google employees are currently testing the bot. If the test is successful, we may see more businesses using chatbots to communicate with their customers.



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