Google AI Plans Leaked: What The Bard Bombshell Means For You

Tomorrow marks Google’s I/O 2023, and everything related to their ‘Google Bard’ has been exposed.

According to CNBC (which opens in a new tab), Google has provided access to internal documents that detail what the company plans to present at its I/O conference this year concerning AI.

Reporting just yesterday, Project Magi — an AI search engine by Google — will likely be partially revealed at I/O. This strongly suggests that AI will be an important part of the event. Magi is touted as Google’s next-generation technology in this particular field.

CNBC’s reporting focuses on two other AIs- PaLM 2, a new large language model(LLM), and upgrades to Google Bard, the AI experiment that Google launched earlier this year to compete with ChatGPT- but noticeably absent is Magi.

PALM 2: Unlock Your Potential With Google’s AI Workhorse

Parallel to the existing Pathways Language Model that drives Bard and numerous other AI processes, Google is rolling out PaLM 2 – the upgraded version of their language model.

Google has reportedly created a new model called the “Unified Language Model,” which has been quietly operating under the radar and is set to support over 100 languages. This news is expected to be a big headline.

PaLM 2 has a wide scope of applications, ranging from coding, math, and creative writing to more specialized areas such as medical diagnosis–as evidenced by Google’s recent release of Med-PaLM 2. This AI tool is designed to leverage the same technology as PaLM 2.

BIG, GIANT, And MULTI-BARD Solutions For Businesses – BIG

At I/O tomorrow, updates regarding Google Bard – launched earlier this year – are expected to be released, and seem substantial. The platform has already seen some changes and modifications since its debut.

Google has reportedly been doing some covert testing involving AI chatbots which included “Big Bard,” “Giant Bard,” and the newest addition, “Multi-Bard.” While we are in the dark regarding Big Bard and Giant Bard, Multi-Bard can provide users with multifaceted assistance.

Multi-Bard, which could bring multimodal functionality to Google Bard, is supposedly launching tomorrow.

An AI chatbot’s ability to process inputs and output in more forms than text is known as multimodal functionality. For example, ChatGPT only understands written input and cannot recognize images.

With the expected arrival of Multi-Bard, Google Bard might soon be able to comprehend and express what is seen in an image. This facility, known as multimodal capability and already featured by GPT-4, could be gracing Google Bard as early as tomorrow.

The hugely popular text editor, the Bard, is set to receive a major update with the introduction of language support for both Japanese and Korean. In addition to this, access is being expanded across other platforms, meaning even more users can enjoy its user-friendly interface.

What Can We Expect From AI At Google I/O 2023?

Google will likely increase its AI functionality in its Workspace by adding PaLM 2 and a beefier Google Assistant. Additionally, it’s being suggested that creating templates in Sheets and image generation for its Slides and Meet products will be enabled with generative AI.

Google’s latest addition to AI-powered tools is the introduction of generative AI capabilities to Google Sheets. This follows similar capabilities added to Gmail and Google Docs earlier this year.

Again, however, it should be noted that this is all based on leaked documents and may not happen.

Don’t forget to follow our Google I/O 2023 coverage tomorrow to keep up with the other updates and announcements from Google, including probable Bard upgrades and possibly a new Pixel 7a device.

The leak of Google AI’s plans ahead of I/O 2023 offers a glimpse into the exciting future of AI technology. With its focus on innovation, efficiency, and ethics, Google is poised to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, paving the way for a smarter and more connected world.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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